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A treadmill is an indoor fitness equipment that facilitates running without moving distance. Its basic mechanism involves a large conveyor belt system and rollers where the top of the belt moves to the rear direction in order to allow a runner to run in opposite speed that can be easily set or measured.

In general, Treadmill is solely walking or running in repetition, which helps developing muscular mass and enabling your muscles to grow stronger. It is a creation of fitness physiologists to provide a safe and effective workout while keep you motivated to fulfill your fitness goals.

Treadmill also provides different exercise options simulate all sort of outdoor conditions, from walking to undulating hills, jogging to running. Furthermore, treadmill gives you flexibility to adjust the incline, speed as well as timings of a program. Hence, making it simple to set the pace or level of your workout that within your limits.

Apart from effectively helping improve the range of movement in the joints, toning muscular group, reduce cholesterol levels, ehnance heart rate and circulation, the treadmill also boosts the immune system and maintain ideal body weight to develop aerobic capacity and stay healthy. Thus, it is amongst the perfect form of exercise that can be performed by just about everyone.

A study conducted by the VA Medical Center of Milwaukee and the Medical College in Wisconsin found that treadmill can help burn much more calories compared to stationary bike, rowing machine even cross country skiing machine over the same period of time. It is well stated in the Journal of the American Medical Association that an hour on a treadmill at medium intensity burns 700 calories.

The belt of the treadmill provides a smooth surface to walk or run, reducing the risk of trip or fall. Some treadmills even incorporate some form of shock absorption, to help spare the joints and give less strain to the knees, ankles and back. As such, treadmill is also safe to be used by those who suffer from osteoporosis and hypertension

Types of Treadmill

First, manual treadmill is a simple fitness equipment with a belt and rollers that doesn’t move on it's own. It permits you to move at your own pace and effort, in which not good for lazy people who are unlikely to push themselves.

Next, Motorized Treadmill which enable you to set your required pace of your walk, jog or even run and stay with it for a period of time to obtain optimum exercise out of the duration you spend on it.

Then, motorized treadmills with 'incline' options that can help you derive the amount of incline you need for your workout. It would be the best choice to burn off as much calorie as you want in a given time. Together with heart rate interactive inspections can get you to your optimum fitness without damaging your body.

Foldable treadmills are new addition in the treadmill family that specially designed for people who are short of space and time. It can be folded and kept in a small corner either in the office or at home and, it can be put together easily and exercise at any time convenience to you.

Throughout the years, treadmill choices have been refined into an all-inclusive health monitoring system, presenting some of the latest technology regarding fitness equipment.