Wrist Support





Hook and loop closure design fits most wrist sizes. Helps relieve pain through pressure on injured wrist. Breathable CoolPrene® can keep skin dry and comfortable. The unique construction of CoolPrene® helps injuries recover faster.

  • One size fits all : 10.2 - 20.3cm   4 - 8"
  • Indication : Palm Injury ; Carpal bone fracture
  • Core level ¹



CoolPrene®  is an innovative material developed by the medical consultant team and R&D department of LP, based on the theories of kinetics. The grid and channel pattern of CoolPrene® greatly improves the functionality and performance of the braces. Grooves and venting holes work in a pumping action when the joint moves. When bending or flexing, the grooves channel heat and perspiration out through the holes. When returning to a starting position, cool and dry air is sucked in through the holes, and circulated throughout the brace, to enhance the comfort of the protection wear. Athletes can wear it for a longer period of time and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of bracing.

Extra strap offers additional compression

Breathable material offers an excellent moisture management system.

Adjustable design fits most body sizes.

Core Level¹  

Using high tensile elastic materials, LP SUPPORT core level products offer support and compression for sports injury prevention and body heat maintenance. Simple strap may be added to enhance adjustability or stability of the brace.


Long and repetitive movements of bending the wrist can easily cause injury on the wrist joint and tendon. Through wrapping, protective supports can limit the range of movement, aid in applying pressure on the wrist, and decrease the burden on the wrist.