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Elbow Support





Designed to relieve pain associated with elbow injuries, weakness, tennis elbow and golf elbow. Silicone pad offers extra pressure on the muscle in the forearm. Adjustable hook and loop closure allows for greater tension if needed. The unique construction of breathable CoolPrene® helps injuries recover faster.

  • One size fits all 17.8 - 33.0cm   7 - 13"
  • Indication : Lateral epicondylitis (Tennis elbow) , Medial epicondylitis (Golfer's elbow)
  • Advanced level ¹



CoolPrene®  is an innovative material developed by the medical consultant team and R&D department of LP, based on the theories of kinetics. The grid and channel pattern of CoolPrene® greatly improves the functionality and performance of the braces. Grooves and venting holes work in a pumping action when the joint moves. When bending or flexing, the grooves channel heat and perspiration out through the holes. When returning to a starting position, cool and dry air is sucked in through the holes, and circulated throughout the brace, to enhance the comfort of the protection wear. Athletes can wear it for a longer period of time and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of bracing.

Adjustable hook and look closure enhances compression and stabilization ability.

Provides massage and compress soft tissues.

Breathable fabric helps wick away moisture and keep the skin dry for maximum comfort.

Breathable material offers an excellent moisture management system.

Adjustable design fits most body sizes.

Advanced Level¹  

Use LP advanced level supports for extra protection to injured area and to help shorten recovery time. Pads, straps and specific materials are featured for pain relief, or body alignment following injury. Special design of advanced level supports may also improve sport performance and assist joint movement.


When lifting, the elbow muscle can be injured due to repeated and frequent stretching and squeezing. Instant motions such as swinging may also cause tendon injury or fracture. Protective supports can add pressure on the elbow muscles and ease the over-strain caused by elbow movement.