X-tremus Bracket

as Published in WOW! Produk, Utusan Malaysia (8/1/2011) by ABD.HALIM HADI, UTUSAN MALAYSIA

X-tremus Bracket Picture

ENAMA leading sports protective equipment, la pointique or LP Support (LP) are increasingly popular among amateur and professional athletes recently launched its latest range of products from a series of X-tremus.

Designed with high precision technology, X-braces tremus meet the needs of every athlete with the protection and performance to its maximum level. Bracket, or the latest sports seat. LP is the needs of every athlete, especially for those who are involved in sports like volleyball quick, basketball, football and sports beraket. In contrast with the LP product lines available, the more exclusive series is enhanced by stitching (hook) three-dimensional (3D) to allow more flexible movement.

X-tremus greatness comes from a complex structure that utilizes the latest technology of the three band powers, structure contours and building a more stable and resistant containers. Product series of top international brands such products are now available for use at the four main fold of the wrist,elbow, knee and ankle.

In addition to the improved traction through tailoring the 3D X-tremus elastic bandage capable of absorbing and releasing energy to every movement of the joints are made. Advantage of providing better performance athletes.

For X-tremus knee braces, donut-shaped pads are not only acts as a protective injury and even stabilize the position of the kneecap. It is a concept of care needed by all athletes.

3D Design at the ankle braces also produces silicon protection order functions over time. In addition, the stitching gives better quality surface finish on the muscles, thereby streamline every movement.

The use of materials such as neoprene, which does not trap sweat coolprene while Coolmax technology capable of solving the problem of trapping heat.

In general, the use of X-tremus help improve some capacity as an athlete jump higher, move faster and get a more stable posture.

Four X-tremus bracket comes in a variety of sizes from S to XXL the price of RM119 for the wrist, RM139 (elbow), RM169 (ankle) and RM269 (knee).


X-tremus Ankle Bracket X-tremus Elbow Bracket X-tremus Knee Bracket X-tremus Wrist Bracket