Safety in sports with LP Support

By ABD.HALIM HADI, UTUSAN MALAYSIA (translated from Bahasa Malaysia)

SPORT is supposed to test the performance and level of personal achievement and not meant to cause injury. The fact is that nobody is immune to risks of sports injuries. For those who are involved in any type of sport and exercise or outdoor activities, injuries to muscles, joints and bones are among the foremost fears


Injuries are not just waiting to happen for those active in sports but are also a high probability faced by those who do not make proper preparations. The best example is the requirement of a good pair of running shoes for a runner to reduce upon impact. For competitive sports, preparations should be made way before going down to the field.

One of the best injury protection rules which is accepted and adopted by many athletes is the use of inner support or insole.

A leading brand in sports equipment pads, Support LP (LP) is the ideal functional product and is designed to meet the needs of amateur and professional athletes. It's the leading brand of sports medicine equipment in over 50 countries. They offer many advantages by providing protection, improving on performance and providing support after injury.

Lee Chun Hooi, Sales Manager, Trend Masters Sdn. Bhd. which is an established sports product distributor in the country, said each of LP products are designed with precision and individual functions for use in critical areas such as elbows, knees, ankles, arms, shoulders and hips.

Knee support pads

"The use of seats or protective cushioning today is not just to 'guard' the elbows and knees alone. Their use helps to maintain posture in regular moves so that we can play sports safely," he said.

However, he noted, many do not understand the use of tools such as their functions and cannot distinguish from a particular purpose. In the midst of virtually hundreds of products in the market, consumers are often confused when deciding on an appropriate seat.

To avoid confusion, users of LP products are aided by 3 main categorizations marked on each sport safety product.

The first category, the Core Sport Safety products, is designed to provide protection against sports injuries. Elbow and knee pads are among the most widely used among football, badminton and tennis players

In addition to preventing friction that may also cause injury, the use of the device at the same time help to tighten the muscles as well as prove users more comfort when moving.

elbow pads

Next is the Advanced Sport Safety category, which is used to enhance sports performance. In tennis for example, the pads support arm muscles to help increase grip force and generate a more powerful punch.

The Advanced product category is also recommended for athletes are involved in a lot of jumping like basketball, volleyball and long jump.

The third category is the Professional-designed LP orthopedic technologies for post-injury treatment. This medical aid was designed to provide a certain angle to limit movement of the injured areas.

"LP Innovations allows those who have been injured in sports or accidents to safely continue with their activities". "However, use of this tool for those who are injured should be with the recommendation of a physician," said Chun Hooi.

Besides being used in the main folders, such as elbows and knees, LP also provides a variety of tools, including support for the abdomen, neck and waist.

Knee support pads

Guarantee of the accuracy of the products backed by the "Made in USA" tag. These have been a result of from research based on the actual needs of sports medicine experts in the field of physical therapy, medical consultants and the athletes themselves.

Meanwhile, Chun Hooi said, "the products can be found in sports stores and local pharmacies and are also produced sturdily so that they are durable and long-lasting.

The product is built with stitches of LP multilateral special effects to the applicator and the treatment of sports categories.

"For example, the four-way seam gives more grip than the bilateral stitched products and are used for more flexible movements," he said

In addition to durable products and technology, Germany is also using materials that are appropriate to the requirements of specific sports.

The use of materials such as neoprene and coolprene, for example, produce more grip without trapping sweat while Coolmax technology is capable of solving the problem of trapped heat.

In the higher-end series (X-tremus), LP liner three-dimension sewing with the complete sequence of silicon gives the assurance of dynamic support.

Safety in Sport With LP Suppor