Losing belly fat via treadmill

People will tell you that losing belly fat is one of the hardest challenges in fat-shedding endeavours. There’s truth in this. Looking at yourself in the mirror just before slipping into your working clothes each morning, a nagging thought of “how come it’s not going down” might come over you. Belly fat is a stark manifestation of excess weight and more worrying, it’s a negating dangerous condition.

track motion treadmill

Many people put on weight around their bellies and according to medical research, they are susceptible to cardiovascular diseases. This risk is more pronounced for men and incidentally men have been found to be more prone to accumulating belly fat. Besides dampening your physique, belly fat is a tell-tale indication of serious health hazards inviting medical conditions and diseases such as hypertension, sleep apnea, diabetes, stroke, cancer and slow metabolism. Research has also revealed that belly fat is predominantly visceral fat which secrete inflammatory substance to adversely affect the organs and subcutaneous fat, which is less dangerous.

Well, we have been told that should we have the will then we will find the way. You can lose belly fat with treadmill workouts and here’s why and how. Firstly, physical activity burns calories. Some fat can be burned with some going on to develop into muscles. The key  which is no prime secret, is doing the right kind; and doing the right amount of exercise. You can use the treadmill and alternate your exercise routines

Losing that “bulge”

A convenient way of losing fat is to power walk, jog and run. These are cardiovascular exercises by the way and you use large muscle groups – such as your core, thigh, back and calf muscles to work. You will also perspire which is good for your body. For the beginner, you may start with a brief 15 minutes and progress thereon. Brands like Kettler, JKexer, Horizon and Tempo are well-known and produce dependable models.

If you have the flexibility of time, you can enjoy several minor workout sessions throughout the day. It’s vital to observe that your heart rate should be maintained at about 70-80 percent of its maximum during any workout routine. Keep track on your heart rate throughout your routines.

On the treadmill

Speed and intensity is crucial for losing belly fat. For beginners, it’s important to acquaint yourselves to the treadmill and find a suitable pace. It’s vital to keep in mind the functioning speed of the treadmill while you are working out. Speed has to also conform to the length of your legs. This is to apportion your stride and correct strides will go to determine your workout quality. The faithful Kettler Track Motion treadmill with function require is a great piece of fitness equipment for your exercise.

Every workout session should begin with a warm up. From thereon, the pace is gradually increased. You should only speed up gradually so as not to impose strain onto your heart and muscles. Start with a walk and then gradually progress to a slow jog onto a jog and run. Endurance and stamina are developed in time and you can also gradually increase your exercise duration. As an indication, an hour of good workout is a decent quantum.

Treadmill workout could be interesting if you can have a variation of exercises. Besides walking, jogging and running, treadmills typically have inclines or slopes.  Experiment with the inclines. This function also helps with strengthening the muscles around the hips. The incline works on the principles of an uphill climb. It’s important to observe at least a two-minute cooling down with a leisurely pace to end your workout.

Eat with care

There are no workout routines that can help you much if you are unable to eat with care. Diet is instrumental to reaching your goals of losing weight, keeping well-toned and feeling fit. Try your best to avoid saturated fats. Avoid trans fat which is commonly found in cookies, crackers, chips and margarines. Go for sumptuous amounts of vegetables and fruits. Opt for low-fat milk, yoghurt and whole grain cereal. Cut down on sugar intake and carbohydrates and choose fish instead of meats. Minimise frying and go for grilling, steaming and boiling instead. Drink ample amounts of water and if you consume alcoholic beverages, go for wines instead of beers.

It’s recommended that you consult a physician before embarking on any exercise and dieting program.