Bring KETTLER VERSO 109 CROSSTRAINER into your home

Verso 109 Crosstrainer was created to provide users with a great-quality economical introduction to Kettler’s superb varieties of crosstrainers. Heinz Kettler started the company in Germany in 1949 and it has since become one of the world’s leading designers and producers of fitness equipment and accessories. Kettler is notably known for quality, ergonomics, aesthetics, durability and functionality.

The Verso 109 Crosstrainer is a gem of a workout equipment that’s suited for exercising the lower and upper parts of your body. This is made possible with the smart inclusion of movable handle bars that work in tandem with the elliptical or oval movements of the steps. The anti-slip adjustable steps provide optimum comfort and safety during work outs. Additionally, the sturdy 12kg flywheel ensures smooth and confident movements.

Working out on the Verso 109 Crosstrainer requires that you maintain an upright position. Therefore your back and column are less strained. The training computer complete with hand sensors of the Verso 109 Crosstrainer provides you with various selectable programmes and readings. These multiple functions help you to organise and monitor your workouts while keeping it exciting at the same time. In looks, this crosstrainer scores a high point.

The featured function of the elliptical ergonomics is to eliminate, as much as possible, stress or shock to your joints while systematically incorporating the best exercise movements. This marvellous crosstrainer supports your muscles, joints, bones and endurance workouts. The added attraction is that it can constitute almost a total body workout. Hence, you can work most muscle groups. What’s remarkable about crosstrainers is that they offer you a rewarding mixture of exercises akin to actual stepping, walking, jogging and skiing.

Though you can strengthen your lower and upper body, crosstraining is also a known effective form of cardio exercise. Also referred to as cardio-vascular exercise, it literally means exercise that’s good for your heart. As important as the health of our bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and cartilage are, keeping our internal organs healthy is also of paramount importance. Undeniably, exercise promotes the rejuvenation of our organs too.