In exercise we trust

The human body has been created to be a mobile and active entity. In short, we are born to move. Exercise is recognized by all to be good for your health. It has become a cliché. But what do we mean by "it's good for you" without actually taking the fact for granted. In essence and to put it bluntly, exercise helps you to ward off premature death from natural causes!

When we don't exercise or when we lack exercise, our body deteriorates and many among us will agreeably attest that deterioration comes rather rapidly. It's also an accepted fact that it's easier for us to deteriorate than for us to improve. Going down is easier than climbing up.

The cardinal fact will always remain in that, exercise is absolutely necessary for our body

Exercise helps to ward off diseases. Many studies have been conducted by the world's leading experts and institutions. Research has confirmed that exercise is beneficial for all ages. An hour a day of physical activity serves as a threshold for acceptable measure but the more you exercise, the better the benefits would be. It is also evident that physical activity plays an essential part in most weight-loss programs. The objective is to deal with fat. How can we optimize our fat loss and enhance our muscle mass? Muscle is good and fat is bad.

The best anti-ageing agent

Many will attest to the awareness that exercise is the best form of anti-ageing agent. It helps maintain sound body function which naturally also includes your internal organs. It keeps them in tip-top shape. You would also be able to sleep better. Exercise makes you perspire. Perspiration like urination and defecation are our body's natural functional discharge of waste and toxins. Like keeping a healthy diet and consuming adequate amounts of water, exercise is also vital for good health. When you are healthy, you will look vibrant, fresh and alert. You will be more energetic and won't tire so easily thus culminating in you exhibiting a more enthusiastic and charming personality.

These are the elements that make you look young, feel young and remain young. Without doubt, exercise slows down the ageing process.

Improve Cardio Health

Much research have been conducted on the effects exercise have on the heart. They have discovered and concur that regular exercise helps to strengthen your heart muscles. Further to this, it has been found to lower your blood pressure. There is also evidence that it helps to increase high-density lipoproteins also known as HDL. This is the good cholesterol. At the same time, it helps to reduce low-density lipoproteins (LDL) or the "bad" cholesterol. Exercise increases your oxygen intake and makes your heart function more efficiently. It affirmatively reduces your risk to heart diseases.

Reduce risks of stroke & hypertension

One thing leads to another and one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch! Physicians will tell you that our organs are all inter-connected and so are diseases and medical conditions. The human body is alike the car engine. When you don't drive it, it will become dull and rust sets in. Parts would fail. But unlike the metal engine, the human body has the added ability to be self-regenerative.

Heart diseases, hypertension or high-blood pressure and diabetes usually come hand-in-hand. Regular exercises substantially reduce your risks of being afflicted by stroke and hypertension.

Reduce Risk of Diabetes (Type II)

In a revealing study, the Harvard School of Public Health discovered a remarkable fact that brisk walking for an hour daily can reduce the risk of Type II diabetes by as much as 34%. Type II diabetes is increasing at an alarming rate with hundreds of millions of people from around the world suffering from it. Some countries are worse off than others.

Losing unwanted weight can help to prevent or control this disease. It can enhance insulin sensitivity and also improve cholesterol and blood sugar levels. As stated, exercise can help to reduce blood pressure. These are all very crucial to the health of people with diabetes or in their efforts to prevent it.

Tackle Obesity

Obesity is your unwanted ticket to many diseases! The best prescription for dealing with weight problems is exercise combined with a healthy diet. There are many causes of obesity but inactivity and laziness are two of the most common. Some people have natural higher base metabolic rate than others while some have lower. Those with lower base metabolic rates are more susceptible to obesity. Of course, the widespread fast food and mouth-watering dessert joints also contribute to higher occurrence of obesity. Still, not many among us can stomach just living on fresh salads 3 times a day!

Regular exercise helps you burn fat and increase your muscle mass. Your body would be able to burn calories more efficiently too. You will reduce your body mass index (BMI) and increase your base metabolic rate (BMR).

Improving Stamina & Endurance

When you exercise, your body will crave for more oxygen. Your heart will send out a signal for your oxygen intake tap to be opened wider. Then your blood circulation through your bloodstreams will accelerate. The artery highways would be busy. Your lungs would have to function in unison to the bodily state and requirements. All crucial mechanics are in motion. Constantly keeping it in this state inevitably improves your stamina and endurance.

Just as they say: the journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step; being able to jog 10km. starts with tackling the first 100 meters. Our body gradually attunes to prevailing conditions and adjusts to conform to the requirements. Exercise keeps you in tune and in shape.

Improving bones / joints health and mobility

Our body consists of flesh and bones. There are also the in-betweens which are neither flesh nor bone. While flesh is flexible, bones are rigid. Regular exercise helps immeasurably to improve your bone mass. That's important for the bones make the frame and structure of our body. For mobility and agility, the joints of our bones are the components that cushion and aid in our mobility. Joint health is critically important as sufferers of osteoporosis and joint aliments and pains will vehemently attest. At the same time, muscle health and condition are equally as critical. Exercise takes care of all that.

Exercise is a sure way of keeping your joints in good working order. Like auto parts, they have a tendency to become "rusty" when not properly run and maintained. There are practically hundreds of joints throughout our body. Our ligaments, cartilage, tendons and sinews crucially require constant action and mobilization to remain in optimal working order. As an indication, "Journal of the American Medical Association" related that women who walk 4 and more hours per week had 41% less hip fractures than those who walk less than 1 hour a week.

Mental Benefits

A healthy body begets a healthy mind. This is a widely accepted phrase. Ask those who exercise regularly how they feel and you are likely to get a "I feel great" reply. A natural chemical called endorphins is released by your body into your system when you exercise. In layman's terms, this is the "feel-good" chemical. According to leading scientists, eating chocolates also releases endorphins in your body. Endorphins make you happy. Exercise can help you get a healthy mind. It can make you feel positive and confident and the feel of having a fresh mind. It helps you cope with daily stress far better and keep anxiety, depression and melancholia at bay.

Besides these featured benefits, there are a whole lot of other health benefits that exercise provides. Some even profess that it helps to ward off cancer. Leadingly, exercise is rejuvenating for the cells in our bodies. Oxygen is one of the most important prerequisites for healthy cells and exercise aids greatly in the absorption and distribution of oxygen throughout our body. Healthy cells equal a healthy body and the whole inter-connected process also mean a healthy immune system.

Start exercising today if you are not already into it.