Often referred to as power exercising units, universal gyms and home gyms, multi-gyms are treasured exercise equipment that help you create different types of exercises to meet your health and fitness goals. Multi gyms are superb for sculpturing your physique and this is achieved by way of toning and honing your muscles. You can broaden your shoulders, condition your arms and chest and develop your pectoral muscle. In fact, you can perform almost any workout on a multi-gym and access full body workouts. 

Principally, they target muscle toning, weight loss and improved sports performance. Home multi-gyms offer you the much-loved convenience of doing great workouts in the comforts of your home. You could just play your favourite music, dress as you desire and work out at your own pace and in the privacy of your own place. In many respects, multi-gyms offer the same basic benefits as regular gyms.



Most multi-gyms utilize weight stacks or resistance cables to create resistance. You can set resistance settings to perform the same exercises at beginner, intermediate or advanced levels. Most importantly, you can do traditional muscle-building exercises. 

They also allow you basic arm exercise options where you can do pull-downs, chest presses and butterfly pec flyes. You also can perform biceps curls, rowing, iron crosses, hamstring curls, triceps extensions, arm raises and a variety of sit-ups, crunches and other core exercises. Furthermore, you can strengthen your leg muscles to enhance your running and powering up hills which is made possible via increased muscular strength and endurance. Multi-gyms usually come with a leg developer to enable you to exercise your legs. Typically, you can do leg extensions or leg curls while some also offer leg presses.

As a general rule, heavier weights or resistance provide muscle-building objectives while less resistance is prescribed for sports training and doing weight loss routines. Multi-gyms offer a variation of exercise positions and these are generally sitting, standing, kneeling or lying on a bench. There are different ways of sculpturing your body. For weight loss exercise, the proper method is to use only enough weight or resistance in order that your muscles do not fatigue easily and you can continue for 30 minutes or longer.

Many of the bodybuilding and weight loss exercises are also ideal for sports or circuit training workouts. However, it is recommended that you select resistance settings between bodybuilding workouts and weight loss routines. This typically translates as 40% to 70% of your maximum effort. While weight loss workouts are non-stop, sports training routines would have breaks every few minutes. This is because you would be working at a higher intensity and using more of your muscle power.

It is truly wise to invest in a home multi-gym. In the mid-term, you would actually end-up paying less than if you were a member of a good commercial gym. Moreover, you would also save significantly on commuting time and don’t need to endure nightmarish traffic-jams. Additionally, you would also save on fuel charges.

A multi-gym is your answer to getting and keeping a beautiful sculptured body and enjoying a healthy life. Get one today and make it your faithful fitness companion for years and years to come.  


Consult a physician before you take up exercising.