Treadmills are for those who treat walking and jogging as fitness exercise or for those who train for running sports. When the weather is bad or your schedule is so squeezed, getting on your treadmill at home could be the saving grace you need so badly.

Going about it

You ought to mimic outdoor conditions when you get about with your fitness or training program. Look at it this way. It is never even and straight conditions out there. You have contours, bends and wind. Without these natural reactionary conditions, your heart rate is going to be lower while you are on a treadmill. Treadmills are designed to propel you forward by pushing your legs rather than you pulling them forward. Thus when you walk or run without incline, then you are actually running on a slight downward slope.

Set your incline

Walking and running without an incline would be at a disadvantage to you for maintaining an efficient running form. So, set the incline to 1%. This will help to simulate outdoor running intensity. When you do this, you would have a better chance of adopting your more natural stride pattern.

Going the extra mile

Your body is adaptable as it’s naturally made that way. If you are into running sports, you would realize that your body quickly adapts to your running routine and it becomes more efficient while using less energy. When this happens, your endurance and speed level-off and you would only improve less. However, to improve, you’d need to get your body to work harder and work more. It could be 3km instead of 2km or 10km instead of 8km. Increase your distance regularly and mix your speed by adding sprints into longer runs.

Model workout programs

The objective of the training model workout program is to put your body through the unexpected and get used to different speeds and incline gradients. You can do this training program as many times as you wish. It is designed to prepare your body for the unexpected conditions outdoors and the changes in terrain.  The Weight Loss program is for beginners and it’s for 40 minutes.


* Important Note:  Consult your doctor before starting on any fitness program.