The exercise bike is great for working your lower body and back while improving your balance and posture. Getting an exercise bike that suits you is highly recommended since there are a variation of models, ergonomic functionality and gadgetry. As usual, we recommend that you consult your doctor prior to embarking on any exercise programme.   

Adjust the resistance of the bike to a level that you are comfortable with. As a matter of fact, set it a notch lower since you would be cycling over an extended time. The following is a simple 30-min workout programme on a generic exercise bike.


The programme is an interval program and as with any program, adequate warm-up and warm-down is essential. It could be gainful for those who are busy with hectic schedules. A good cardio workout would accompany working out a good sweat plus you would improve your muscle strength and stamina with cycling. Great for working your legs, buttocks and hips!