Weight training has been around since time immemorial. As early as the 2nd. Century CE, the Greek physician Galen mentioned about weight training with the use of halters which were a primitive form of dumbbells. Weight training also called powerlifting, is only one type of strength training and it’s also for developing muscles. Hence you can increase your strength, muscle tone as well as develop your muscles through this form of resistance exercise.

Most sports today whether amateur or professional, incorporate some form of strength training with weights. However, besides weights, there are also other forms of strength training which use elastics, muscular resistance and eccentric training. The principle of weight training involves repetitions, sets, tempo, exercise types and desired weights. Typical equipment includes barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells and weight stacks. Weight training is also safe if movements are properly controlled and carefully defined. 


Applying good form to your movements and on the appropriate muscle groups is essential or you risk injury and face failures to meet your desired goals. Some of the commonest routines which are highly effective include squats, bench press and deadlift. However, it is advisable that you receive adequate training from a qualified instructor before you attempt to do weight training on your own. This is so that you acquire the right moves, posture, balance and to avoid injury.

But what could other benefits of weight training be? Among other known benefits, your muscle mass increases, tendons and ligaments strengthened and your bone density, muscle tone, metabolism, flexibility and postural support are all augmented. Warming up is very important. Trainers normally spend 5 to as much as 20 minutes warming up. Stretching is essential and its advisable to stretch the whole body instead of just targeted areas. Proper warming up increases blood flow and flexibility and is done particularly to prevent injury.

Proper breathing techniques are also important when you train with weights. Exhale on effort and inhale when lowering the weight, is a technique that ensures you breathe through the most difficult part of the exercise instead of reflexively holding your breath. When you breathe shallowly or hold your breath while working out, you will limit the intake of oxygen and at a time when you need it most. Extreme result is blackout or even a stroke brought about by aneurysm. Naturally too, hydration is important when you exercise.

Weight training is a very good way to burn fat and boost your metabolism. No wonder it has gotten more popular with women who aspire for toned muscles and a sexy figure. For men, it adds a great deal more masculinity to your physique. You can choose how far you would like to bring it and even opt for bodybuilding if you desire. It’s a whole wide scale.

What’s great about working with weights is that the moves target every muscle group. Each move switches on your core and uses your abs to accompany the major muscle groups. For many, working with weights is the key to a new physique where for women, it allows you to gain tone while still keeping a feminine appearance through reducing your body fat and increasing your muscle mass. Besides getting you in shape, you also strengthen your bones which eventually help to reduce onset of osteoporosis.


Note: Please consult your doctor before getting into any physical exercise program.