Vito Sprint 20 Treadmill is the latest addition to Trend Masters’ range of exercise equipment and is a health-promoting contraption you can trust. For starters, it’s made of outstanding quality materials and brilliantly crafted for your sheer enjoyment. It has a running surface of 1.22 metres in length and a comfortable width of 44cm. It offers easy set-up with just one push and complemented by a bright red Emergency Key for enhanced safety. With a clean weight of just over 80kg, the Vito Sprint 20 Treadmill is both sturdy and steady. Even more to this, the high-quality finishing and delightful appearance make it aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

A 2-Hp. durable motor delivers adequate smooth power and can effectively support body weights of up to 120kg. The inclines are wonderful too, offering 0-15% gradient which works wonders for working your calf, thighs, buttocks and hips while imitating an uphill walk, jog or run. Quick control buttons at the handle bar offers ease and convenience. Still, perhaps the most interesting feature of the VITO Sprint 20 Treadmill is the built-in training computer which is often called the nerve centre of the treadmill. There are 6-window LED displays with 8 functions and these serve as good motivation and add pleasure to your workouts.

The treadmill is an excellent equipment for conducting cardiovascular exercises. Moreover, it is also a suitable equipment for weight loss or slimming programmes. Many people tend to put on weight around the belly or tummy, hips and thighs. VITO Sprint 20 Treadmill is an excellent exercise equipment for countering these conditions. An effective exercise routine is to power walk, jog and run. Thus, having a treadmill in your home offers you the flexibility of working out as and when it’s convenient for you while enabling you to work out as many times as you wish.

Obviously, speed and intensity makes a world of a difference but do bear in mind to monitor your heart rate. Likewise, speed also has to conform to the length of your legs or simply put - your stride. Remember that every workout ought to begin with a warm up and wherefore your pace gradually increases. You may begin with a walk; then gradually increase your tempo to a slow jog and a run and then taper down before you stop. The inclines add to variations. Besides losing weight, you could also benefit from muscle toning and improvement to your endurance and stamina. It’s a great way to keep fit and healthy.

Feeling good makes you look good too! Get your VITO Sprint 20 Treadmill today and be on the road to good health.