The Kettler Paso 109 exercise bicycle is the idyllic fitness equipment that snugly fits in the privacy and comfort of your home and office. Paso 109 is a trusted and economical high-quality introduction to Kettler’s comprehensive lines of superior exercise bicycles. It’s an easy-to-use fitness equipment with the added factor of having appealing looks. This almost silent exercise bicycle is a terrific home exercise equipment allowing you to enjoy exercising in your living room while being with your family or simply watching TV.

Cycling on stationary exercise bicycles falls in the category of effective fat-burning workouts. The Paso109 is a suitable choice for people who want light to moderate workouts or may be obese and are new to exercise. It comes complete with a training computer with 6 functional displays. The 8-stage adjustable resistance is complemented by a magnetic braking system.

Exercise bicycles are essentially for lower body workouts. You don’t particularly need professional supervision. They are inherently also gentle on the joints due to the absence of impact. Aptly, they are suitable for the entire family including expectant mothers and the elderly. They contribute towards strengthening the spinal muscles and totally exercise the lower back, hips, thighs, knees, calf, ankles and foot.

Conveyance of health benefits through exercise bicycles go beyond the fundamental strengthening of muscles, joints and bones. They are also excellent for cardio or cardio-vascular exercise and are touted as being among the best fat-burning workout equipment. However, exercise bicycles focus specifically on the buttocks and lower legs while helping to burn fat around the pelvis and thigh. These are problem areas for fat build-up.

Other known health benefits of cycle exercise include helping to improve your basal metabolism rate and stamina. They tone your muscles. Elevating your heart rate and improving lung function, it is a gradual build-up and non-strenuous form of exercise. In addition, it improves your balance, flexibility, aerobics and agility as well as your blood flow and the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the different parts of your body. Exercise characteristically increases the release of endorphins that reduce stress and anxiety. Endorphins improve the general feeling of well-being whereby reducing depression in the process.

Having a unit in your home allows you the flexibility of exercising as and when you choose or as many times as you desire. Your exercise is not affected by the weather and exercise bicycles are compact, can be moved easily and dismantled for storage.