Welcome to the world of futurism for your workouts.

We’ve often come across this “ergometer” in exercise equipment but what exactly is it apart for its invoking name? Ergometers are actually devises which measure the amount of work or exercise performed along with a multitude of critical readings and physiological functions. “Ergo” and “meter” is derived from the Greek “ergon” which literally means work and “metron” which means measure or a measurer.    

In equipment marketing and categorisation, ergometers can mean measurement devises or even equipment such as stationary bikes, crosstrainers, treadmills and rowers which comes with ergometers. Hence all ergometers are exercise devises but at the same time, all exercise equipment or devices are not ergometers. There are certain quality standards to observe. Europe has more stringent standards and requirements for calibrating ergometers than America. This ensures optimal accuracy and safety. The European standard is DIN EN 957-1/5 Class A which is a paradigm for exercise equipment suitable for therapeutic use in health clinics. These standards have to be fulfilled before any equipment can carry the “Ergometer” labelling or specification. They are regulated.

Ergometers measure the pulse or heart rate, work load, blood pressure, energy expansion at different levels and many other functions including physiological response. Modern ergometers are computerized. They give continuous and direct readouts of workloads, heart rates and speed under controlled conditions. Stationary bicycles for instance are controlled by one of the four methods. These are varying mechanical resistance by tightening or loosening the flywheel, electrical resistance which is applied by adjusting and varying power of the magnetic field, air resistance which is produced by fan blades and hydraulic fluid resistance. For rowing equipment, ergometers also measure and inform on stroke rate, power generated, split time, distance covered and elapsed time. They simulate oar-pulling action and measure work output under controlled conditions.


Kettler ergometers are some of the best calibrated and functional you can find anywhere. The exact E-SYS technology was the brainchild of Kettler and developed in cooperation with Germany’s Cologne Institute for Prevention and Aftercare. It has been designed to calculate individual training pulse targets and to create individual training plans. This is continually updated during each new workout session. The clear display with heart rate light function makes for easy reading of the optimal pulse range. Colour of the entire display changes from blue to green as an optimal pulse range is reached and into red when the heart rate is too high. There is a backlit light which creates an enviable contrast for enhanced legibility and spiced up with profile stress graph. There are up to 48 programmes with data storable memory for 2 – 4 people; plus USB port and PC interface to run the Kettler World Tour software. 

Ergometers are the way to go for accomplishing the best workouts. They accord for intelligent workouts utilizing the most modern technology in the field of sports science. These were previously available only in therapeutic, physiological and health centres. Today, you can have the luxury of having these advance equipment and gadgetry in the privacy and convenience of your home. These will provide excitement and fun in your exercising routines.

Go on, have a ball of a time!