In the previous months, we have been running a series of articles that delve into aspects of health benefits in relation to exercise. These touched on the subject of obesity onto the lungs, heart, muscles, mental health, mitigating air pollution and culminating in exercise as anti-aging.

In our modern lifestyle especially city life, we take many things for granted and are constantly looking for a higher level of comfort. Lifestyle has changed so much where today everything is made easy and we are seated for the most part of our working life. Ironically, we are having more stress too since the world has also become more demanding. So we are actually comfortably stressed.  

In pursuance of our careers, we conveniently neglect our health because we are so caught-up in the rat race and a culture of “I gotta have that”. Most sealed letters we get these days are bills and more bills. We want faster cars, sleek phones, faster computers and more comfortable homes. We want fine clothes and seek out good food. After all what’s success if you can’t enjoy it?

By all means, enjoy it - but make plans to have more of the good life. This need not only be a culture of unhealthy and careless consumption. There are no shortcuts to a healthy life and you can’t just mail order one. There are no magical potions or serums which can guarantee you a healthy life because the meaning of healthy is not just whether you fall ill often or not. How can you be healthy if you are already panting heavily after walking 3 flights of stairs? So the question would be are you physically fit and healthy in body and mind?

These days, exercise is being brought to you – in fact right into your home. This is for the modern folks who excuse with “I have no opportunity to get to the park”. Or “I can’t possibly cycle in this weather and traffic”.  These days, chic bikes are brought into your home - crosstrainers too and of course the “every-home-has-one” treadmill. Hey, even the Space Station has a treadmill in zero-gravity!

So many gyms have sprung up over the years. If you live in the city or suburbs, there’s all likelihood there’s one close to your home. But somehow, it’s common notion that gyms are more for the serious-minded and it’s there too that you are in the company of workout honchos. So, the privacy of the home is always a pleasing idea.  No worries about the extra pounds hanging here and there and there’s no one to make you feel you are under-performing.

Opt for what you desire but make exercising a part of your daily life. You will feel better and perform better. You will be able to think better and accommodate stress better too. Your indulgences of food, beverages and stimulants such as tobacco and alcohol would also find a counter-measure. One need not be a fitness guru to enjoy the rewards of exercise and be fit. What it requires is to make exercise an inseparable part of your life as you would with religion, occupation, obligations, family and recreation. 

And once you do, you won’t want to be without it. People who exercise automatically want to exercise and when they don’t exercise they would feel something lacking. Wouldn’t you like to walk unaided when you are 72? That your heart is still strong, your joints not giving you problems, your balance great and your muscles and stamina still relatively good?

In reality, some 80 year olds are fitter and healthier than 45 year olds stricken by diabetes, hypertension, stroke, heart diseases, weak organs and unable to walk properly. Just look around and see for yourself. The truth has been revealed and it’s up to you to join scores of others who are on the road to health and fitness.