The use of guards and supports by the physical body in sports is as old as sports itself. This holds much truth because human intervention is necessary to tackle the different regions of our body. When injury occurs, rigid movement capabilities would be desired so that healing can take place without any further undue stress and strain.

But that is not all to guards and supports because there are two other prevailing factors to recognise and these are clearly and concisely narrowed down to two words “harness and augment”. As we know, harness is to tap into the benefits and to gain from them and augment clearly means to enhance your performance. Exerting control over the function of certain critical parts of your body in sports is invaluable. Too much unnecessary movements would deplete your energy and create energy-wastage. Therefore control is critical. Likewise, injury can be resultant since certain required movements in sports might be contra to how the human body has been created. Hence, it’s often called feats.

For instance in sports where arm strength is more emphasised such as racket sports and golf, the arms would need special attention but unlike golf, racket sports require special attention to the legs as well. So sports science experts delve into aids that can help condition these critical anatomical areas. One of the most vital aspects of guards and supports when used in sports is the enhancement of proprioception which is the body's ability to sense movement within joints and joint position. Guards and supports can adjust and fine tune movement patterns.

LP is a name that’s globally recognised as being among the leaders in the research, design and production of braces, supports and guards. Established and with technological supremacy, LP braces, supports and guards are among the world’s bestsellers and meet the highest standards and demands. The latest addition to their established range is the EMBIO Z. This is the result of years of research and trials which culminated in the outstanding Compression and Power Sleeve series. These tackle the most stringent demands of the shoulders, waist, leg, thigh, elbow, arm and calf. In essence, you can guard and harness the most vital parts of your body when doing sports.

Comfort would always remain as a primary consideration and the choice of fabric and materials is crucial. Issues such as ventilation and compression are vital since an athlete perspires profusely while sporting and compression should be such that it does not restrict or impede. These are vital considerations even before aspects of harnessing and augmenting can be embarked upon. It’s physiological and material sciences all the way. These would be very much welcome in impact sports where force and movements are vigorous. When muscle power is harnessed, reflex and power are increased thereby delaying muscle fatigue while enhancing performance. Adequate care and protection do go a long way to stave off injuries too.   

So whether you are into athletics, archery, golf, badminton, squash, tennis, football, basketball or a slew of other demanding sports, LP can help you get more out of your sports. Even if you are a jogger or do regular workouts, LP can meet your needs in braces, supports and guards. Drop by our stores and make your selection. We carry a wide range of LP products to meet your every need. Get a notch or two higher in your performance and enjoy the added protection to critical parts of your body via LP. It is safety and enhancement in sports.