Simple, smart and sexy! The revolutionary KETTLER S-FIT app brings you into the futuristic world of fitness. Used via your smart phone or tablet, the application can be downloaded with Android / iOS. KETTFIT is a pioneering online platform allowing you to record your training, upload training data, analyse and share training data on Facebook and Twitter. 

With S-FIT and KETTFIT your home fitness has gotten “social” and in line with contemporary lifestyle. Now you can work out in the comforts of your home and use state-of-the-art training software to network and link. KETTFIT is a fitness community where you can also set your personal training goals plus participate or start your own virtual competitions. Via and you can find relevant information on equipment and training software and get advice, assistance, tips and tricks. In addition, you could receive support from experienced personal trainers.

S-FIT broadens your workout options. Through Bluetooth smartphones and tablets, S-FIT is available for all Kettler S-Line fitness equipment. Connect S-FIT to these equipment to enjoy the features and access additional training modes. Most notable of these are the Challenge, Expert and Fun virtual modes. They enhance your visuals during your workout to exemplify on your fun and motivation.


On the Challenge mode, you get access to realistic training routes plus a variation of terrain profiles. Via the “Ghost” function, you can visually compete in three challenging levels of virtual routes. This adds realism while you could be working out in the comforts of your living room. It is a virtual contest. Hence the Challenge mode makes you the challenger and you would be constantly motivated to beat yourself.


The Expert mode is for data-dynamics and to facilitate for comprehensive records of all your pertinent training data. This provides demanding fitness enthusiasts with instantaneous data and they can focus on their motion, pulse and heart rate, distance and speed. You would be able to professionally accomplish your predefined programs with analyses and evaluations from the KETTFIT online community. You can rate your work outs and maintain your training calendar on too. 


For a quick workout you can work your calories away on various foods via the Fun mode. You are able to view the digital burger, pizza, pasta or cola diminish and disappear as you work out. That is kind of heartening and adds fun to your training. It also helps to tone down on monotony and makes you look forward to your next session. You can synchronize your performance and results with KETTFIT and also share the results with friends on Facebook if preferred.


To add to these is the fascinating World Tours 2.0 software which unfolds a world of virtual training entertainment. Enjoy a course or cycling circuit whether in Frankfurt, Toronto or Tokyo. Basically, you can train almost anywhere. It simulates tours on 3-D maps with real-time video function. You can get onto online mode and also train with your friends on these virtual courses. There are numerous options to choose from and this considerably enhances your bike workouts and adds a zing to your motivation.

So brace yourselves and make room for these wondrous value-adding to Kettler’s exercise equipment to add joy while you are on your road to good health and fitness.