When we do things in routine, it can get mundane. Humans do get bored and some easily. We constantly need motivation, a sense of purpose and achievement and of course, our hopes and dreams. Staying fit and staying in shape is on most people’s minds because we know that feeling good and looking good are often personal priorities. That’s only dignified since we are social beings.

We would be very happy when somebody compliments us on how good and well we look. Those words can make our day. So staying motivated is going to be the impetus that keeps us focussed on keeping fit. Most important, don’t lose heart when results are slow or you feel you are getting bored. Do remember that “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Here are some ways that can help you stay motivated.


Set Your Goals

Don’t be ambitious and set steep goals. The objective is to be able to achieve your goals. Begin with setting simple goals and progress from stage to stage. Set realistic goals so that you can achieve them and don’t be disheartened if you take longer to reach them. Remember that “the journey of a thousand miles start with the first step”. And each step brings you closer to your destination or goals.

Make Working-Out Fun

Naturally, do the sport that you enjoy. Or acquire the equipment that you prefer. Change and vary your routines. Try something different or alternate between equipment. Reward yourself with a good massage now and then and tell yourself that you’ve earned it. If you regularly work-out indoors, opt for the outdoors sometimes.

Make Physical Activity Part of Your Daily Life

You need to be committed and schedule workouts just like you would with any other important activity. You can also include physical activity in between other things you do throughout the day. Use the stairs and you can still walk while riding the escalator. You can peddle your exercise bike and do strength training even while you watch TV.

Document Your Goals & Motivation

Chart your programs and results. With training computers on exercise equipment you can monitor your progress too. State how much weight you would like to lose, how much more energy and stamina you wish to have and record all these down and use it. Visual aids can motivate you further especially when you want something good to fill into the blanks. Use it as an exercise diary and record what you did during each exercise session, how long you exercised and how you felt after that. Recording reminds you that you're making progress.

Get Friends to Join In

There are many people who believe in the power of fitness and exercise. Don’t underestimate this. Invite your friends and colleagues to join in and work out together. Alternatively, you have your family who may also join you. Working out together would instinctively increase your sense of responsibility towards your workouts too.

Keep a Positive Mind & Reward Yourself

Working out need not be fanatical. There would be days when you are ill or don’t have a feel for exercise at all. Take a day off if you need to. Take a longer break if you are ill. However, take care with your food intake more so when you are not exercising. After each exercise session, savour your workout and be satisfied with yourself. Remember the mind is a very potent entity and you need to be positive and remind yourself of your commitment and achievements. You need to be proud of yourself.