Exercise bikes are some of the commonest fitness equipment you’d come across in gyms and homes. There are various types of exercise bikes but Spinner bikes offer the best workouts in terms of intensity, efficacy and results. It is ideal for developing your lower body and also offers fantastic cardio workouts - but as with all fitness equipment, proper use is imperative to reach your goals.   

For the serious enthusiasts, you can use spinner bikes for your interval training while if preferred you can also do slow-paced cardio. Besides these, stationary bikes are useful for those recovering from injury or illnesses but still require low impact and intensity exercise. With some resistance workouts, injuries do heal faster since exercise stimulates growth hormone production which in turn aids in the healing process.

If you have been working out to lose weight but have not seen much improvement, it is worthwhile to re-evaluate your workouts. Change strategy but maintain intensity and challenge in your workout routine.

There are 3 great workout positions for Spinner bikes and these are:  

Seated Position

Your bike seat should be adjusted to about the height of your hips. Ensure that your legs are not fully extended during cycling as your knees need to always maintain a little bend. Relax your shoulders while concentrating your efforts on the torso and legs. This is your start position. Do not spin your legs without resistance. Adjust the resistance to a point where your legs feel they have to work. Hold on to the centre of the handle bar at the point closest to you. For this position, you can use the minimum resistance or opt for relatively high-resistance.


Running Position

Lift your buttocks off the seat and straighten your back. It would be as if you are poised for a run. Ensure that you have adequate high resistance so that your legs don’t spin out of control when you start to pedal at running speed. Grip the handle bar at the point that is closest to you. Keep your focus to relax your shoulders and do not rest on your arms but allow your legs to do all the work.


Climbing Position

Spin your legs while still in a sitting position. Increase the resistance level till your legs slow down. Lift your buttocks off the seat while concurrently move your hand to grip the further end of the handle from you so that your arms bend at the elbow while resting your forearm along the handle bar. Now you are in a climbing position and focus on cycling but relax your arms and shoulders. 

It is recommendable that you seek medical advice prior to embarking on any kind of strenuous physical exercise.