It’s not often that one is blessed with the three jewels - beauty, brains and talent. Miss Malaysia-Universe 2014 top 40-finalists Sabrina Chan is one such extraordinaire. Still, for someone who has it all, Sabrina believes in and espouses the power of fitness.

Born in Ipoh and going on 22, Sabrina, an 8th. Grade classical pianist, is soon embarking on her final year in pursuance of an International Business degree at Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus. Admittedly, she would love to have a home gym but with the limitations of student life, hectic schedules and space constraints, she often partakes in the rigorous “Insanity” workout program in the confines of her room. To append to this, she uses the stairs instead of elevators at the university. That’s an indication on how much she believes in the power of fitness.

That helps immensely in feeling good and keeping fit unlike typical students who are seated and cruising the Net most of the time which is something that requires hardly any physical activity. Sabrina is constantly on the go. Perhaps that’s why she is so gorgeously toned and can afford to eat well without any guilt-conscience. Exercise increases one’s metabolism. But let’s delve a little bit more into this elegant young lady’s life just to get to know her a little bit better.

In Sabrina’s own words, her mum Annie is a brilliant homemaker. She’s a local from Ipoh but her father, Thomas is a businessman who originated from Penang. She has been travelling even while in her mum’s womb and during her childhood she lived in various countries and attended various kindergartens along the way. Today, they are mighty proud parents as their little princess has grown into a charming beauty queen with essence.

Sometime last year, Sabrina enjoyed a stint as an editorial intern with Star Publications. She truly enjoys writing and has excellent English too. Enterprising, she presently runs an online shop with products imported from China. But, she has to hold her horses because studies come first. A Scorpio with pink and white being her favourite colours, Sabrina is also not particular and opts for colours according to her moods and fancies. That’s judicious too since the spectrum of colour is wide, so why limit oneself?

An adaptable person, she’s easy with music, literature and movies. That’s unusual too because most youths have diehard favourites. But what’s awe-inspiring is wisdom she exudes when opining upon on-the-spot questions. An animal lover, she simply adores her pet Shih-Tzu named Spuggy and it’s her ambition to perhaps initiate an NGO someday.

Photo credit by Jeremy L.

She was candid when she said: “How can one enjoy working out when it’s hard work; but I know I have to do it and I feel very good after I’ve done it”. Also, she quipped that her hobbies are straightforward and that’s bargain hunting, travelling and eating. As for ambition, she cites that in the short term, it would be to find a good job where she’s actually helping society but for the long term, it is to be a loving mother while concurrently managing her own small businesses. Those responses depict honesty beyond expectation and illustrate pragmatism too. She is indeed truthful.

The next process of qualification for Top 21 in the on-running Miss Malaysia – Universe 2014 is imminent. Beauty is very subjective and means different things to different people but Sabrina is on the right track with the right attitude. In her case it’s evident that beauty is not skin deep. In a crux, we have this to add: Sabrina is awe-inspiring and with such exuberance, she has loads going for her. We are confident she will excel in whatever she focuses her mind on owing to her determination and outlook. She has the makings of a winner.

Thus, we optimistically wish her our very best and hope she emerge victorious in this prestigious pageant.  Go reach for it, Sabrina!