Whenever you mention indoor exercise suitable for the whole family, the treadmill comes to mind. Treadmills simulate walking, jogging and running. You can accomplish consequential exercise upon a surface area no larger than 1-sq.meter in lieu of expansive parks and jogging tracks.

Treadmills are in fact among the most uncomplicated cardio exercise machines and easy to use. Being a conveyor in motion, care should be taken when operating treadmills. Conspicuous “STOP” buttons adorn all treadmills. For beginners or those new to treadmill exercise, follow the simple steps below and take some care not to stumble or acquire poor posture. 


Familiarizing On Speed Adjustments

WITHOUT getting on the treadmill, just try out the various speeds and familiarize yourself with the adjustment options after reading the manual. Also familiarize yourself with the features of the equipment especially the various computerized exercise programs.  


Walking / Running shoes

DO NOT go on a treadmill when barefoot. Wear good walking or running shoes for your treadmill workouts. DO NOT read while working out on a treadmill.


Start Slow

DO NOT stand right on the moving belt when you start to get on the treadmill. Hold on to the handrails and place your feet on both sides, beside the belt. Set a slow speed of 1 to 2 mph. When the belt moves, slowly place your feet on the belt, ONE at a time. Start walking and you may hold on to the handrails as a beginner familiarizing oneself but slowly take your hands off the handrails. This is the same with actual walking. Move your arms naturally.



Warm-Up & Gradual Increase

Start your treadmill workout with at least a 5-minute warm-up. Intensity varies. Adjust your speed with the controller. If you would like to do a speed-walk workout, the warm-up would be a slow paced walk. But if you intend to jog, start with a speed-walk warm-up or jog if you plan to do a steady run.


Maintain Proper Form, Posture & Hydration

When working out on a treadmill, look straight ahead. Maintain proper form and walk, jog or run with your back straight. You should hydrate your body before, during and after treadmill workouts. Place a bottle of water in the water bottle holder and drink water every 10 to 15 minutes during your workout. Drink electrolyte enriched sports drink when training more than 60 minutes.


Regimenting Exercise Quantum

Perform your exercise long enough to acquire benefits. According to experts, 30 minutes, 5 days a week of cardiovascular exercise can traceably reduce risk of heart diseases. To reduce weight and improve stamina, 60 – 90 minutes of treadmill exercise is an adequate quantum. Stretch your entire body after your workouts to keep your muscles conditioned and to stave off tightness and soreness.


Slight Temporary Disorientation

It is not uncommon to feel slight disorientation the first few times when you use a treadmill. You may feel some disorientation when you step off the treadmill owing to your body feeling the “ground” suddenly stopped moving. This is usually temporary.