The fitness industry has come a long way to bring the best fitness can offer to you. Industry players are getting more and more sophisticated and while there are many good equipment out there, quality and durability do differ and often more than you may realise. Features are one thing but equally as important are ergonomics, calibration and innovation. Trend Masters has been importing and retailing some of the best equipment and accessories for well over 2 decades and has positively impacted the quality of life and fitness for many people.

Unlike in years of past where you would need to enrol into a commercial gym to have access to equipment, fitness equipment has since been developed for home and private use. Hence, the importance of calibration and durability has become more prominent. This refers to the exactness and lastingness of all the components where you would be able to get the most out of the equipment. They help you meet your workout needs and make a difference to the quality and enjoyment of your sessions. Also welcoming are the vast resources you can obtain from the Internet which include exercise programs, diet & nutrition and other tips and information. 


Stationery exercise bikes have been around since the late-1700s. One of the early examples was aptly called the Gymnasticon. With bikes, physical power is applied to the pedals and where resistance is offered by electromagnets, flywheels, fans and other friction inducing mechanisms.

Some models also have reverse capability to work your antagonist muscles.


Exercise bikes are among the commonest of fitness equipment and used to maintain general fitness while working your lower body. The highpoint is very low impact is placed upon your joints. For this main reason, they are widely used for physical therapy. Exercise bikes are used in space too where they are called Veloergometers to counter cardiovascular deconditioning in microgravity environment.


Treadmills have been around since ancient times when it was used to generate power. Then, they were propelled by both animal and human effort and were round or circular.

The principle is also applied to watermills and windmills. However the first treadmill for exercise was invented in 1818 by English engineer Sir William Cubitt. In the United States, a patent was issued in 1913 for the treadmill training machine.


In 1952, a treadmill was invented by Dr.Robert Bruce and Wayne Quinton of the University of Washington to diagnose heart and lung disease. The first home use or consumer treadmill was designed and developed by an engineer named William Staub in the late-1960s and named the Pace Master 600. Today, besides gyms and private homes, treadmills are typically found in hospitals, rehabilitation centres, institutions of higher learning and medical and physiotherapy centres. 


The Elliptical Crosstrainer was first introduced in 1995 by Precor. Crosstrainers or X-Trainers enable your foot to roll from heel to toe and greatly reduce numbing of the foot that some people experience from other cardio equipment.

Classified as low impact, it keeps the heel in contact with the pedal. With lower Relative Perceived Exertion you also don’t feel like you are working as hard as you actually are. 


Basically there are three types of elliptical crosstrainers and these are differentiated by the drive and are therefore called rear drive, front drive and centre drive crosstrainers. The ramp is adjustable for angle to increase hip actuation and length of stride and you can target various lower body muscles. Some crosstrainers also offer reverse direction and have handles that are linked to the pedal thus enabling your arms to provide driving power and in the process work out your upper body.

Yes indeed fitness equipment and accessories have come a long way and “perfected” to assure you get optimal results and benefits. Opt for reliable brands we carry such as Kettler which is backed by profound German technology and quality. Visit our stores and check out the latest innovations and developments. It might be a visit that enhances your wellbeing.