Fitness today is a culture. It’s a lifestyle and a way of life. Options are aplenty and they come with flexibility too. So what’s stopping those with sedentary lifestyle from “converting”? Perhaps it’s just a matter of time. Many folks love morning and evening walks. It’s non-strenuous plus you get a sense of freedom and relaxation even though you are exercising.  

Still however, commercial gyms have spawned like mushrooms all over the world and more so in countries with an erudite young populace. “Smoking is out and fitness is in” seems to be the mantra these days as young men love to sport 6-pack abs and bulgy biceps while women go for toned athletic physique. Gyms have evolved to become societal and an acquired lifestyle - very much owing to the glamour affixed to it and what more, you do get pampered too.

For starters, there are fitness instructors in gyms to assist you in your quest for fitness and the right way to do exercises and to use equipment. There is also a complete array of commercial-quality equipment plus you have other patrons who share common interests. You are likely to feel a sense of belonging as well as a sense of commitment. You may feel the urgent need to acquire results as you might be flaunting your less-than-perfect figure. Also, you may compare yourself to or be motivated by those ardent gym-buffs who are in some measures fanatical or overly confident. Furthermore, there are many exciting programs and add-ons like yoga and other exotic health practices. Commercial gyms are seen as a more holistic approach to fitness.

But how does that compare to working out in the privacy of your home or even office? Seeing a bike or treadmill in an office or home is quite a common sight. At the office it may signify that you are conscious about fitness but are always pressed for time. So you have the convenience of an availing fitness equipment close at hand. It might also insinuate that you believe in fitness by instalments or working out intermittently – when you feel the need to or have an opportunity. Nevertheless, it’s altogether a positive sign because it is a testament that you accept that working out bestows benefits.

Naturally there are pros and cons with going to the gym or working out in the privacy of your office or home. For one thing, you don’t need to commute. Likewise if you are conscious about your physical condition or your pace and capability, you can feel confident in total privacy. You don’t need to be unnecessarily conscious about your looks and physical condition or your battle with the bulges. Typically, 3 ubiquitous fitness equipment found in homes are the exercise bikes, treadmills and crosstrainers. Some fitness enthusiasts may opt for the multi-gym which is also known as home-gym. This provides you more serious workout options. Even treadmills can offer serious workouts from jogging up to full-speed running. But working out at home means minus the frills found in commercial gyms. Yet it accords you the precious element of absolute convenience.

However, nothing stops you from having it all. You can of course enrol yourself into a commercial gym and go there when you feel like it; acquire fitness equipment and accessories for the home and workout at home as and when it suits you; and also get something for the office – in which case an exercise bike is often the preferred choice. It can be tucked neatly into a corner and rolled out with the aid of lockable castor wheels as and when you would like to ride it.

Do remember the cardinal principle, in that, investing in fitness is investing in your future. Staying healthy and fit equates to having a better future since the provider needs to be healthy and fit to continue to effectively provide for the family. Accidents can happen to anybody but illness afflicts the weaker ones first. In a nutshell, fitness goes a long way to enriching your life. And frankly, you can take that to the bank!