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as published in the Star 29 April 2011

track performance treadmill

RUNNING is an fitness exercise that burns the most calories and is also the fastest way to strengthen your cardio muscles and increase your stamina. Looking for the best treadmill, however, can be challenging to a beginner. The best way to begin is to ask these questions:

  1. Does size matter?
  2. Will I be running, jogging or walk most of the time?
  3. Is it for my whole family or just for myself?
  4. What is the weight of the users?

The horsepower of a motorized treadmill and the maximum user weight are significant points to consider. These will determine the lifespan and overall performance of the treadmill.

There are many retailers who quote the peak horsepower (HP) of a treadmill, which very misleading.

track motion treadmill

The peak horsepower rating indicates the maximum power generated if the motor is pushed to the limit, which we would not want to do because this could damaged the motor. It is always best to look for continuous horsepower (CHP) rating and the ideal HP rating should be above 2.0 horsepower, or 2.0 CHP.

Performance rather than cosmetics should be looked for in a treadmill. For example find out if your treadmill is compatible with your personal heart rate monitor. Most treadmills come equipped with a heart rate monitor but certain models like the Kettler Track Motion and Track Performance are polar compatible, which means that you do not have to hold on to the heart rate sensor on the handle bars but instead, use your polar heart rate transmitter and the receiver on the control panel to show the pulse reading.

Impact damping technology is standard feature on all Kettler treadmills and reduces noise and injury to the user. Wearing proper running shoes while shopping for a treadmill is advisable as this will help you choose the most comfortable unit.

pacer treadmill

Kettler Sports, Fitness and Vitto have the latest in Kettler treadmills that are suitable for all, whether for serious runners or for regular exercise.

The Track Performance, Track Motion and Pacer models are the latest in terms of technology, design and safety standards. Look for the GS label on the treadmills and you will be assured of a quality product.

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