In our regular feature articles, we continually emphasize on the vital importance of exercise and how regular exercise benefits us all. With conviction, we delved into those benefits in relation to various parts of the human anatomy. We presented workout tips and probed mechanical and digital features of various fitness equipment. Hence our motives are evidently single-minded. We advocate fitness as our social responsibility and foster for the average person to adopt and integrate exercise into his or her lifestyle - making it an inseparable part of his or her daily life; and to live by it.

In reflection, we invest profoundly in our lives and future. Good education, comfortable home, gratifying job and adorable kids are our ideals and priorities. For a safety net, we customarily insure our lives and property. Yet many parents have all the time for their kids but hardly any time for themselves. Between our jobs, chores and commuting, we would all likely be exhausted by the end of the day. In reality, we are stressed to perform for our employers and our family plus being able to enjoy some of the finer things in life.

But how often do we hear someone quip “if there are 25 hours in a day, I still wouldn’t have enough time to do what I have to do”? Still what is the driving force behind this all and the answer one predictably gets would be a unanimous “for a better quality of life”. Yet inarguably, good health would be a determinant to your quality of life even though you may have all the other elements in place. This is the blunt truth.

What good would it all be if you are unable to enjoy all that owing to poor health? In essence, you need good health to have a good life. If one is born with incapacitating ailments or physically-challenged, one may justifiably cite fate as an impediment. But with normalcy, good or bad health is practically in your hands. It would be your own making where you decide on the fate or destiny of your health and physicality.

Many among us have a tendency to take our physical-self for granted. Analogically just as we expect water to flow each time we turn on the tap, we get jittery or panicky when the taps are dry. In the same modus, we seek medicine only when we are ill. Conversely, fitness is a gradual thing and its benefits are time-released. Regularity is essential. Remember that it’s always easier sliding downhill than trekking uphill. This is the simple philosophy of fitness.

Just as one would harness spirituality from religion and ways of life, over thousands of years, good health has been harnessed through Tai Chi or Yoga with healing via Ayurveda and Oriental medicine. All these have been invoked to acquire good health and longevity. Your physical self is all-important and it’s the only body you are ever going to get while you live. Maintain it well and it will serve you well. Neglect it carelessly and it will neglect you. That is absolute.

So it’s a mind-over-matter situation while you ought to prioritize physicality and exercise. If you are unable to make it a 7-day-week thing, 5 could suffice. If you are not going to spend hours, a quality 30-mins could suffice. If you are not into equipment, do your thing but get physical. By and large, you ought to consider seriously on investing in exercise-equipment and accessories, at least; and use them while you are at home. De-stress and improve your sleep quality. Remember, mobilization, perspiration and revitalization are the 3 fundamental elements instrumental to the human body. Exercise is indispensable since you can’t resort to pill-popping to keep fit.

Treat your body right and it will treat you right!