Kettler Vito-XS Crosstrainer is a joy to treasure

"You've heard so much about elliptical crosstrainers and see these mantis-like contraptions in gyms. You're aware that they are known to work your body terrifically well. Now you're ready to get one of these fitness miracle workers for your home".

kettler vito xs

More and more people throughout the word are fitness-minded with the principles of human kinetics taking on quantum leaps to be somewhat akin to neo-religious fanaticism. In the fitness industry, we are inundated by choices of equipment from Taiwan, China and the United States. Naturally price and quality do differ.

In focus, German products and equipment are synonymous with state-of-the-art engineering, superior designs & ergonomics and supreme quality. The Germans are known to make products that last a lifetime!

The elliptical Vito-XS Crosstrainer from world-renowned fitness equipment and accessories manufacturer Kettler, is an indisputable leader when it comes to validity of function and value for money. The latest edition Kettler Vito-XS is the perfect compact starter model from the ‘stables’ of local sports equipment provider – Trend Masters Sdn. Bhd. It is “Made in Germany”. This by itself serves as a guarantee and testament to precision and quality. In essence, Vito-XS is the most affordable German-made crosstrainer model from Kettler.

Crosstrainers provide weight bearing exercises but one of their most outstanding features is the achievement of overly minimal impact. They imitate and simulate natural walking and jogging movements.

These are the elements that make you look young, feel young and remain young. Without doubt, exercise slows down the ageing process.

Vito-XS is one of the best fitness equipment for cardio-fitness. There is almost no impact on your joints while you workout. Excellent for improving your heart rate, metabolism, fat burning, core strengthening, bone density, balance and posture! You can burn about 700 calories per hour. Vito-XS is suitable and safe for expectant mothers; and recommended for those suffering from ailments affecting the joints, knees, back - including osteoporosis. It provides a full body workout.

kettler vito xs meter

In the realm of crosstrainers, the “heart” of assembly and resistance generation is the balance mass or flywheel. Typically, this ranges from 8kg-20kg. The Vito-XS scores a commendable 14kg. Kettler’s expert design and ergonomics give you the weight not just from the flywheel but the entire rear drive assembly. It has a solid and sturdy frame and uses high quality seal bearings in all its pivot joints. These provide a much smoother motion and a quieter ride. It also translates to extended durability and is maintenance-free. You practically need to only replace AA batteries for the Meter.

Heart diseases, hypertension or high-blood pressure and diabetes usually come hand-in-hand. Regular exercises substantially reduce your risks of being afflicted by stroke and hypertension.

Medium-sized and suitable for the entire family, Vito-XS is silent and is conducive for places such as the living room. Its blending colour and design attunes well. Go ahead. Enjoy your favourite TV shows as you workout. This wondrous Kettler equipment though slightly less than 50 kg in weight and equipped with castor wheels for easy shifting around, can accommodate body weight of up to 130kg. It does not require electricity to operate and there are hand pulse sensors that provide readings just from touch. 

Losing unwanted weight can help to prevent or control this disease. It can enhance insulin sensitivity and also improve cholesterol and blood sugar levels. As stated, exercise can help to reduce blood pressure. These are all very crucial to the health of people with diabetes or in their efforts to prevent it.

kettler vito xs pedal

Check out the fabulous specifications and get a good idea of all its practical and useful features. Vito-XS has been highly improved and refined upon after 6 years of production. The added value is inspiring your confidence in knowing that your crosstrainer is made by one of the world’s leading experts in fitness equipment.

Regular exercise helps you burn fat and increase your muscle mass. Your body would be able to burn calories more efficiently too. You will reduce your body mass index (BMI) and increase your base metabolic rate (BMR).

Kettler Vito-XS is certainly in a class of its own.