Ergometers add “futurism” to your workouts

When one shops for exercise equipment, one is faced with many options and choices. Our market is inundated with equipment of various makes and quality. In principle, you get what you pay for. A suitable equipment is one that possess the right looks, the right function and obviously, the right price. Durability is also often a foremost consideration.

Yes, we at Fitness Equipment stand by that proclamation that the Kettler E5 is the best value for “function and money”. Undeniably, engineering and quality, especially in balanced calibration would have a bearing on the quality and benefits of your workouts.

The Kettler E5 is a wondrous “ergobike”, and part of the newly-developed “E-Series”. The “E-Series” are Kettler’s range of ergometers.

Kettler has incorporated a smart strategy by combining quality workmanship, sleek looks, unbeatable quality along with the latest sport science and digital technology into this exercise bike. Even more to this, it’s affordable and in many respects, fairly priced.

The construction of the Kettler E5 is both sturdy and solid. A well-balanced 8kg flywheel mass provides unmatched calibration and smoothness and serves as the heart of resistance. In addition to this, it utilizes an advance induction brake system. This is adjustable and offers a range of 25-400W which most importantly, is independent from the speed or RPM. The Kettler E5 is suitable for body weights of up to 150kg.

The sophisticated training computer offers 8 beneficial programs which provide adequate variations to training while adding excitement and motivation to your workouts. You can easily see your profile stress graph while programs include pulse controlled training, pulse-rate setting for fat burning and fitness zone, recovery-pulse measurement with fitness mark and integrated pulse receiver.

The ergometer is equipped with a PC interface. This is to enable you to use the Kettler World Tours Software* (*optional accessory). Additionally, you can enjoy even more diversity in your workouts. Your pulse can be conveniently measured by the earclip or alternatively, you can use the chest strap* (*optional accessory).

The E5 ergometer is brilliantly equipped with the Heart Rate Light which provides you with easy reading and monitoring of your pulse rate while you work out. There are color changes where it changes from green to blue as you work out and when you are approaching your optimal pulse rate, it changes to red. This offers sporting infotainment and spices up your workouts with motivation. The adjustable seat (saddle) is also comfortable. You can adjust it either horizontally or vertically. The inclines of the cockpit are adjustable too. Pedals come with straps and are self-uprighting.

Get your Kettler E5 today and be a proud owner of an amazing and outstanding exercise equipment.