The Kettler Roadshow @ Gurney Plaza, Penang promises fitness enthusiasts an exhilarating extravaganza. Come along for the ride into GF Atrium at Gurney Plaza, 15 May and be part of the exhilaration. The Kettler Roadshow will be on until 19 May.

And you know what they say about early birds getting the best. To spice up the roadshow expect to be greeted by a bevy of fantastic equipment to help you get and keep fit. In the forefront would be affordable to premium Kettler equipment and accessories. There would be special promotions so expect to be pampered by discounted prices and generous gifts when you pick up equipment at the roadshow. Naturally terms and conditions do apply but you have our assurance that they would be reasonable.

Count on seeing the all-time favourites and ranges of treadmills, crosstrainers and bikes. Try them out and feel the impeccable quality and ergonomics. Feast on the finishing and indulge in the offers. It’s a roadshow after all and you are cordially invited to come join the fun. It’s time to party the fitness way.

So, come on! Make a date with the Kettler Roadshow @ Gurney Plaza.