ELYX are top of Kettler’s range of elliptical crosstrainers. They are among the best home exercise equipment you can possess and crosstrainers are excellent for cardio exercise. With ELYX, Kettler brings you the best. Exacting designs, superior performance and outstanding features are the hallmarks of ELYX. The ELYX range comprises versions 1, 3, 5 & 7.

Visualize a high-end automotive marque producing a junior model with equal discernment. That in a crux is ELYX 1 for you. Kettler made it notably affordable to serve as an invitation into the superiority of the ELYX world.  A sturdy 18kg flywheel is mounted at the front. This enhances your workouts with exceptional balance dynamics. Stride is 51 cm.  Pendulum ball-bearings in disk joints, sturdy footpads and the finest component materials are just some of ELYX other outstanding features. 

Elliptical crossstrainers imitate and simulate actual walking, jogging, running and even skiing movements through low-impact oval movement patterns. ELYX 1 comprehensive training computer has 22 functions plus 10 programs. 16 notches of computer-controlled magnetic brake and resistance options offer a wide workout range. It also features perspiration-resistant touchpads and keys. 


The blue LCD backlit console contrastingly provides information on workout data such as resistance, speed, distance, calories, pulse and RPM. Integrated pulse sensor provides accurate heart rate measurement and you can also monitor your fitness level. Ear clips and chest straps are optional accessories while ELYX 1 has built-in POLAR compatible receivers. A visual alarm warns of the risk of overtraining upon exceeding maximum pulse rate and it accommodates body weights of up to 130kg.

Crosstrainers provide a double-workout by merging upper and lower body exercises. Thus, they offer full body workouts. Working out on ELYX crosstrainers ensures a precision- calibrated and satisfying workout. You can have fun while staying healthy.