From JKexer’s stable of quality fitness equipment comes the top-of-the-line SPRINT 9875A Treadmill. This is a high-end semi-commercial treadmill. The core of its innovation is the patented ASA suspension system which accurately absorbs shocks and therefore pointedly functions to make your workouts as gentle on your joints.

The powerful 3HP Continuous AC motor is a joy to have in a treadmill. It provides smoothness with power and combined with a generous running surface of 560x1524mm (22 x 60”) it is prodigious and can easily accommodate body weights of up to 150kg. Construction of the SPRINT 9876A is solid via the amalgamation and use of high grade heavy-duty aluminum for the front post, rails and non-skid side paneling. This gives it an appealing ultra-modern look.

The advanced computer with operation instruction display provides for 1 manual and 12 preset programs. It has 3 levels of intensity. Functions include Time, Program, Incline, Level, Pulse, Calories, Speed, Distance, BMI - all displayed through a 193x79 LCD screen with two 16x11 Dot Matrix display.

With heart rate control and hand pulse, you can monitor your heart rate while working out to reach your precise target heart rate. The integrated cooling fan is a much-welcomed feature as you can cool yourself while your body heats up during workouts. Likewise, the integrated emergency stop and safety key makes it a one-step easy function feature. There is a quick speed and push incline button which offers speeds of 0.8-22kph (0.5-13.75mph); and inclines of up to 15% to help you burn even more calories.

The JKexer SPRINT 9875A Heavy-Duty Treadmill answers your quest for a reliable semi-commercial treadmill. With good care it shall provide you with years and years of pleasure in use.