We recurrently feature stories of people with the objective of spurring readers towards adopting the fitness lifestyle. Our driving principle is “if they can do it, so can we and so could you”. You need not be an extraordinary sportsperson, neither a celebrity nor a societal echelon but just ordinary and often humbly ordinary should suffice. Jannice Tan could quite easily represent one of us.

Humble but deeply conscious and conscientious, she follows a way of life ascribed to Tibetan Buddhism. Her views on life are pragmatic and with an obvious sense of clarity. In her books, being healthy and taking measures to make and keep ourselves healthy is an obligation and duty to this incarnation. Jannice originates from the quaint town of Rembau, Negri Sembilan and schooled at SJKC Yuk Hwa and later on at Anglo Chinese School and SMK King George V, Seremban. She graduated from University Kebangsaan Malaysia and thereon worked in various jobs until her present affiliation where she’s self-employed within the MLM health foods industry. It has been 16 years and counting.

She considers herself to be very spiritual. Thus, she has been on 11 religious pilgrimages to India and as seasoned travellers will tell you, travelling to religious destinations in India often require hard travel. This would typically include trekking and taking on altitude. Hence, being fit helps a great deal and she is grateful for being fitness-conscious since childhood. It seemed very much an affinity where Janice has been active in sports and enjoyed it while at school.

She was into basketball, athletics and ping pong and started when she was only 10. Trained by District Coach Ng and Coach Yeoh of ACS, she took on volleyball when she was 13 and by 16 she had begun to represent the state. Adding to this, she also competed in SUKMA or Malaysia Games in 1992 and again in 1994 while she was at university. Though she did not win medals, she still considers it a prestige to have been able to qualify to compete on a national level.



Expectedly, she is a vegetarian but staying fit and healthy for Jannice is not just a physical thing and she is rather philosophical about it. In her view, it’s actually a responsibility to stay fit and healthy so that those who love you need not worry about your wellbeing. “We need to take good care of ourselves and create personal time for exercise” she opines and continues with “when we exercise our brains release happy chemicals too”. No wonder Jannice would strike you as a person who is relaxed, confident and go-getting. She’s rarely under stress. She further adds that exercise is but only one aspect of acquiring good health. Meditation and diet play pivotal roles too. Nevertheless, it’s noteworthy to realise that exercise makes you mentally healthier as well.

Jannice has travelled extensively and continues to do so. Yet that does not offset her time or dedication and commitment towards exercise. She keeps exercise basic – never mind if it’s just a few rounds of brisk walk around the block. She takes every opportunity to walk, do some running and practice yoga too – something which is manageable when she travels. Alternatively, she works on fundamental equipment and accessories at home. For relaxation, she reads, bakes and enjoys movies. All these for her, besides being enjoyable, are also therapeutic and like meditation, is a great stress-reliever. She is remarkably fit, trimmed and toned so it might come as a surprise that she’s not a member of any commercial gym.

Jannice qualifies as a beacon of inspiration and advocacy. The message is clear and that is for you to adopt a healthy lifestyle if you are not already into it. Start with exercise to stay fit and healthy. Options are aplenty and you may opt for the natural environment, visit a gym or simply acquire some equipment and accessories to work out in the comforts of your home. However, it’s recommended that you consult a physician if you are not already into regular exercise but would like to make it a part of your life.