Most human beings are born healthy. Through the passage of life however, we are faced with so many challenges and health issues are very fundamental to living. To some of us, health can also be a costly issue particularly when major illness strikes. Therefore keeping oneself in good health is perhaps the most important preoccupation with life or self-preservation and there are many dos and don’ts we have to follow.

Undeniably, a good diet is of foremost importance. Our bodies require the right kind and right amount of nutrients to remain healthy. Basically, we are what we eat. Healthy diets mean a healthy body as does unhealthy diet abets towards unhealthy bodies. Beyond that, it is also a question of lifestyle. Tobacco and alcohol consumption, banned substances, inadequate rest and sleep, contaminated air and water are just among some of the contributors to unhealthy lifestyle. Then there is the issue with sedentary lifestyle which is a scientific term for gross lack of physical activity or exercise.


The human body is designed to be mobile. Hence exercising our bodies becomes all important. To put it straightforwardly, it’s a cardinal fact that exercise helps you ward off premature death from natural causes. Wanton studies by the world's leading experts and institutions concur that exercise is beneficial for all ages. Sedentary lifestyle brings forth many adverse health conditions and among these is obesity. As we know it, obesity is the stepping stone to other dangerous ailments. Exercise can help to keep obesity in check.

Lack of exercise undoubtedly leads to the deterioration of our body. There are over 200 bones and 600 muscles in our body – all requiring exercise to remain optimally functional. There is also the complex webbing of other anatomical components such as ligaments, cartilage, tendons, sinews etc. Regular exercise helps incalculably to improve our bone mass and joints. There are virtually hundreds of joints in the human body and as in the case with all movable parts, they tend to become "rusty" when not frequently run or properly maintained. Cartilage, ligaments, sinews and tendons desperately require constant action and mobilization to remain in good working order. Exercise could delay or minimize the onset of joint problems such as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Allegorically, the Journal of the American Medical Association noted that women who walk 4 and more hours per week had 41% less hip fractures than those who walk less than 1 hour.  

Exercise deficiency not only weakens muscles but deterioration sets in too. Regular exercise promotes muscle toning and strength endurance. In thwarting diseases, extensive research concluded that regular exercise helps to strengthen heart muscles, lower blood pressure, increase high-density lipoproteins (HDL- good cholesterol), reduce low-density lipoproteins (LDL – bad cholesterol) and make your heart function more efficiently. This means that your risk to heart diseases is noticeably reduced. Furthermore, regular exercise significantly reduces risks of stroke, hypertension and Type II diabetes. The National Cancer Institute of the United States funded many studies probing the relevance of exercise to survivorship and reduced risks of various cancers. Findings indicated significant reduction in colon, breast, endometrial and prostate cancers attributed by energy balance, metabolism and insulin regulation as well as inflammatory and immune factors.

Our bodies crave for more oxygen when we exercise and promote better delivery of blood and oxygen to the entire body. This has a profound effect on our internal organs resulting in better function. Consequently, we also function better mentally. Perspiration is vital for our body and discharges toxins and impurities from our system. Healthy lifestyle is the best anti-aging prescription. Acquiring exercise equipment and accessories for the home is a good life-long investment. Alternatively, there are gyms or walking and jogging in conducive outdoors.

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