Celebrate Hari Raya Aidil Fitri together with the “gift of healthy life”. Especially for Aidil Fitri, we are presenting special offers for Kettler Axos Cross M Crosstrainers, Cross M Exercise Bikes, and JKexer Fitlux 365 Treadmills. The Axos line from Kettler of Germany is great value-for-money and come with clean futuristic looks. All our equipment are backed by astute mastery in calibration and precision to provide you the best workouts.

Kettler Axos Cross M crosstrainer comes with a magnetic brake system offering 8-levels resistance and a 12kg flywheel to ensure smooth operation. Combined with a comprehensive training computer, the LCD display informs on energy consumption, pulse, cadence etc. Heart rate is measured by hand pulse sensors with visual warning signal when you reach the upper pulse limit. This is the perfect crosstrainer for leisure athletes and can accommodate user weights of up to 110kg. 

Kettler Axos Cycle M is a great for your cardio workouts. It also comes with a magnetic braking system with 8-level resistance adjustments and a 6kg flywheel system. You can easily adjust to your fitness level. It comes with adjustable saddle and handlebars. The training computer with LCD displays shows duration, distance, speed, calories burned and RPM. Heart rate is measured by hand pulse sensors with a warning when you reach your upper heart rate limits. Maximum user weight is 110kg.

JKexer Fitlux 365 is an elegant home use treadmill. It’s powered by a 2.7HP DC motor. The patented ASA suspension system is adjustable to 5 levels to be gentle on your joints. Incline adjustments are up to 12%.  With USB socket and a built-in fan to cool you down, the advance 4 LED with backlit plus 2 Dot Matrix display speed, distance, time, calories, level, laps and incline. Hand pulse sensor is included while speed range is 0.8-16kph. It can accommodate a maximum user weight of 120kg.

So make this a memorable Hari Raya with these terrific fitness equipment. Ideal for gifts and personal use and be on the way to a healthy life!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri.