The Amazing Technology - Extreme with CoolPrene Technology

LP EXTREME Support series is made of LP's innovative patented material, CoolPrene®, developed by the team of sports medical consultants and R&D center, and covered with COOLMAX® lining. The development of LP EXTREME series is based on kinetics, anatomy, biomechanics and the mechanisms of sports injuries using quality patented material, CoolPrene®. EXTREME Series supports provide dynamic protection and compression during exercise, excellent breathability, maximum dryness and comfort.

CoolPrene®  is an innovative patented material developed by a team of medical consultants from our R&D center. The material is based on the theories of kinetics, anatomy, biomechanics and the mechanism of sports injuries. The grid and the channel pattern of CoolPrene® greatly improve the functionality and performance of the braces. A revolutionary concept of grooves and venting holes working together in a pumping action when the joint moves, regulates the excess heat and sweat to enhance the comfort of protective wear.


Dynamic Protection

The diamond shaped grids and intersecting grooves effectively reduce the possibility of overstretching the muscle, decreasing the chance of muscle strain injuiries and sprains.

Dynamic Protection
pumping action

Pumping Action

Pumping action makes perspiration channeled out through perforated slits when active, while cool air in through the slit openings, and provides superior comform when inactive.


Dynamic Compression

The stretch and return of CoolPrene® generates a massaging effect, which helps provide dynamic compression on over trained muscles to reduce pain and tightness


Dynamic Compressions
Non Slip


CoolPrene®'s diamond shape grids grip closely to the skin to create friction to prevent slipping.