Exciting new presentation and levels from Kettler

Kettler of Germany excitingly presents its accessories with renditions of the Balance, Workout and Power lines.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if most things in life are kept simple yet effective? Kettler, a world leader in top-quality fitness equipment and accessories has adroitly formulated a system presenting its accessories in orderly and appropriately arraying renditions. These are fittingly presented in the Balance, Workout and Power lines; and stringently tested for quality and ergonomics in accordance with the latest sport-science findings.



The Balance-Line has been basically designed and created for muscle strengthening, stabilization of posture and increased flexibility. It’s remarkable to note that the Balance-Line purposefully and almost completely dispenses with weights. Hence, balance training is gentle on your muscles and joints. Nevertheless, it is effective. These accessories are most suitable for non-strenuous exercise, do not exert unnecessary strain on your body and constitute a balanced and full body training approach with a rehabilitative function. Products contained in the Balance-Line are:

•  Air Pad        •  Fitness Mat       •  Gym Ball       •  Latex Flexiband       •  Massage Balls       •  Toning Ball

•  Yoga Ball    •  Yoga Mat




The Workout-Line is most appropriate for development, maintenance and increase of body fitness. These workout or training accessories offer training possibilities for strength and endurance training. The accessories are suitable for those seeking to develop, train, maintain or improve their physical fitness and to better prepare them for dealing with daily stress. Accessories contained in the Workout-Line are:

•  Foot Bands        •   Weight Band        •  Wrist Bands       •  Digital Rope       •  Leather Rope     

•  Jump Rope        •  Speed Rope         •  Weighted Rope



The Power-Line targets muscle development and improvement of strength endurance. Weight training usually targets specific goals but medical science affirms that weights also do stabilise the spine and other joints in our body. The power products are readily available, easy to handle and emphasise safety which is of paramount importance in strength training. The Power-Line provides complete weight graduation allowing you to train in a safe and healthy manner. Accessories contained in the Power-Line are:

•  Spring Grips        •   Dumb-Bells Set       •  Press-Up Handles      •  Gloves      •  Dumb-Bell Bar      

•  Curl Bar          •  Barbell Bar          •  Cast Iron Weight Disks         •  Cast Iron Barbell & Dumb-Bell Set


For workout enthusiasts who wish to progress through the levels, they can now opt to combine exercise through Kettler’s Balance, Workout and Power lines of accessories. These are intelligently designed, durable and of impeccable quality.

Keep healthy and be happy!