National swimming ace Ian James Barr has been adopting the use of EmbioZ for the past few months. These were amid varied conditions which included after swim training, in between events during swim competitions, gym training and within his newfound hobby – cross-country and urban cycling. These are excerpts from a recent interview:  

Q  What made you select LP?

Ian: Years ago I had a bad ankle sprain at school and I used LP ankle guard while recovering and that was how I came to know about LP. I had a shoulder surgery September last year and looked for a compression suit to wear while sleeping to try to hold the shoulder in place. It did help but I found that it provided significant help in other instances.


Q  What were these instances?

Ian: After I returned to training I discovered that it provided much less muscle fatigue when I wore it. This was especially after a hard training set where my muscles would feel sore. I will put my EmbioZ full suit on and go to bed with it. The next day, I felt that my muscles recovered more significantly than without it. Seems to be as much as 30%, at least! It’s totally flexible and I don’t feel uncomfortable at all sleeping in it. Breathing is normal and it’s just like wearing pyjamas. I feel it could be good for people with back pains to relieve some pain and to keep warmer so that chill won’t attack the joints.


Q  How else has EmbioZ made a difference to your swimming?

Ian: I applied the same tactic during competition days; went to bed with it and felt I could compete with less discomfort the next day. Also, I wore it in between my events especially during high-participation competitions where the wait between events can stretch pretty long since there are so many swimmers.


Q   Have you tried wearing it during gym workouts?

Ian: Yes of course. Compression worked well and especially during cardio exercise. However, I can’t say the same for power exercise where we train with weights. For me it did not make a significant difference and I do more power than cardio.


Under what other circumstances have you tried out EmbioZ? 

Ian: These days I have taken up cycling and I enjoy it so much. I was introduced to cycling by Dutch Physiotherapist Norbert at ISN when I underwent rehabilitation and physiotherapy after my shoulder surgery. I had to keep in shape but it turned out that I liked cycling and after completing my regular treatment in March, I went out to buy a bike. It was a Trek and nowadays I often cycle and especially on weekends. I just bought my second bike.


Do you use EmbioZ while cycling?

Ian: Yes I do. Actually I find it very useful and it goes a long way to delay muscle fatigue because of compression. This is especially so for the legs and I found that I could cycle longer distances and felt less muscle sore after that. Great for the glutes, thighs and calves. I do feel a big improvement in my performance. Climbing hills are easier and short sprints are faster too.


Q  What’s the comfort or discomfort level?

Ian: I found that I felt better wearing EmbioZ while cycling. Don’t make me feel sticky. The fabric absorbs sweat well and it dissipates from there. Sweat on skin can cause itch probably because of the salt content and this happens after you stop. The fabric is slightly thicker than others but it breathes very well. This also provides me added protection from scrapes when I fall. Often our convoy would go through villages and shaded areas and it can be chilly too so this acts to keep me warm. Under the sun, it protects me from the stinging rays on my skin. I really like the fabric. You don’t overheat but it keeps you warm when chilly.


Q  Do you find that EmbioZ is durable?

Ian:  I’ve had my suit for months and it still works well. I hang it out to dry after use and there seems to be no stink when it’s dried. After using it a while you do feel a slight loss in compression but after washing, it goes back to normal. I only wash it after 2-3 wears.


Q  Thank you Ian. Any other comments you wish to share?

Ian: I want to say this is not a sales or ad gimmick. Personally, EmbioZ has helped me a lot and I am actually honoured to be asked for feedback. I recommend full body suits when cycling under the sun. The fabric is absorbent and ventilation and compression are great. Overall I think EmbioZ is a great product for sports and outdoor activities. I could recommend it from what I have personally experienced. I’m very pleased with it.