For once, let’s look upon exercise from a philosophical point of view and this poses as an opportune moment since we are relating to mental health. We are born to move. That’s indubitable. Hence we house a complex network of movable parts in our bodies, so inimitable that even the most advanced engineering cannot comparably imitate it. We follow our natural instincts and even involuntary interference like curiosity which is born in the mind, propels our body to move and venture to the target object.

However, modernity with its creature comforts can be deviational and when we lead a sedentary lifestyle our physical-self suffers. It gets into a docile mode and rapidly degenerates away. In a double-jeopardy, modern lifestyle is fast-paced and demanding. Alas, these are the prime inducers of stress - one of the greatest dampers to our mental and physical wellbeing.

All living things needs circulation because we are all made of cells. Activity and refuel keep the system working efficiently. This is the basis of life on Earth. Our body rejuvenates when it functions and this includes expulsion of elements that are harmful to it. That’s one of the reasons why we perspire. A mere 30 minutes on a treadmill works wonders for you. From a physical standpoint, your movable parts are moving. Your body perspires and along with perspiration toxins and all sorts of impurities are expunged.

Stress is tension and you feel so “tight” everywhere. You feel anxious and all pent-up. Your body feels tired because your mind is so exhausted and your muscles ache while you are so tensed and kept on edge all the time. Imagine what 30 minutes of say, on a crosstrainer can do for you. You get to release your tension and work it all out of your system. Your blood circulation gets into a momentous tempo and your heartbeat organized while your muscles and joints move. Inhale, exhale and perspire. You would feel a thousand times better than merely 30 minutes ago. 

Can you imagine the sheer complexity of your brain’s blood vessels? It’s mind-bogglingly magnificent! Now how do you expect to “service” the intricate blood pipelines? Oxygen and circulation are the magic words. Get on your exercise bike and cycle away after work. Get into a tempo and mind your breathing. These are the two sources of activity and oxygen intake. Work out a sweat and while you are cycling away all your vital organs are working out too. So imagine what kinds of toxins exit your body with the sweat.

Sedentary lifestyles bring about stress, obesity and diabetes. Stress brings along hypertension because they are related. Hypertension leads to strokes and cardiac diseases. Cardiac arrest cuts off oxygen to the brain. System shutdown!

So, get rid of stress and you would be way healthier. Meditation does relieve stress but does not provide physical exercise. Yoga tackles both mind and physique. So does Tai-Chi. When you exercise you will have a healthier mind. You will feel less clotted “up there”, your body feels agile and refreshed, you sleep better and you function better. That’s all inarguable but we ought to add a philosophical touch and conclude that only you can reach out to grab the reward.

It’s here so reach out and get it!