The “Fountain of Youth” is within your grasp. And that’s not an exaggeration! For many of us who spend our precious money on the quest for youthfulness and longevity, the answer actually lies within us.

It’s indeed true that exercise is “oversold” or “over-touted” across the world. However, it’s only because it’s the plain truth. Logically, we can surmise that exercise causes our body to work. Isn’t that precisely what our bodies are made for? So go with the flow because sedentary lifestyle is functioning counter-productively.

Then again, we humans prefer to rely on scientific proof rather than just assumptions and juxtapositions that indeed, exercise is anti-aging. Many studies and research continue to be conducted by leading physiological and medical institutions.

Scientists from the Saarland University Clinic in Germany recently conducted research on the lifespans of cells. The studies involved several groups of men and women. Their age ranged from young teens, young adults to middle-age adults and they involved those with sedentary, mildly-active and active lifestyles; and also professional runners.  For one thing, it revealed that middle-aged athletes look considerably younger than their counterparts who led sedentary lifestyles.

Examinations of white blood cells revealed that cells from the active and slothful in the young had similar-sized telomeres – which are tiny caps on the ends of DNA strands. However, for the middle-aged it’s an entirely different revelation. In essence, longer telomeres are better while they also signify robust cells. The University of Maryland which conducted tests on exercise and anti-aging also stated that when telomeres become too short, they die or remain in a suspended stage.

But, it was discovered that middle-aged test subjects of those who led sedentary lifestyles had telomeres which were some 40% shorter than those of runners in the same age group. This also means that those runners had telomeres of almost twice the length. What’s also amazing in their findings is that middle-age runners had only slightly shorter telomeres compared to young adult runners. It was a mere 10%. That’s remarkable too considering that in general, telomeres loss was reduced by some 75%. Hence, it’s conclusive that exercise is natural anti-aging!

Many things contribute to aging and these include diet, habits and environment. Smoking and heavy alcohol consumption are primary aging catalysts. So too are chemicals found in food and polluted environments. Nevertheless, a remedy is available for you but it requires some dedication, discipline and physical activity.


Opt for a stroll in the park. Go shopping and walk for kilometers. Or get on your exercise bikes and ride. You can also consider getting a road-bicycle and ride outdoors but it’s recommended that you ride on proper bike trails. Traffic on roads poses an incessant danger. Or perhaps you might want to join a gym or get a reliable crosstrainer or treadmill for the home. If you already have those make sure they are used and not lying idle. Then you may also want to tone certain muscles. There are loads of accessories for this; while a “one-tackles-all” equipment is the multi-gym.

Time is precious and in actual fact you can invest in time and enjoy returns. Putting in 30 minutes regularly might actually earn you more time by adding on years to your lifespan. And since time is precious, quality time is also equally important. Looking and feeling younger and being more energetic add great value to your life.

So yes indeed, the map to the “Fountain of Youth” is already in your hands. Next is for you to get there.