Winning a premier beauty title does not necessarily mean that you become too busy for fitness. For Carey Ng winning the prestigious Miss Universe Malaysia 2013 title serves as testament that physical beauty and fitness synergizes into a magnificent combination. Along with a brilliant brain, they become epitomic qualities. Carey is learned, creative and intelligent. She holds a Bachelor of Architecture (Hons) from the University of Nottingham, UK.

All along the celebrated pageant, Carey was clearly a favourite for the hot title. She had won 4 ancillary titles, namely the: ELV Bodytude Award, A Cut Above Miss Crowning Glory Award, Advertlets’ Miss Social Media Savvy Award and K-Swim Best Body Award en route to being crowned Miss Malaysia Universe 2013. Moscow hosted the 2013 Miss Universe pageant.

In beauty contests, physique undoubtedly plays a vital role and this was among Carey’s supreme assets. Coincidentally, she is an ardent believer in the power of fitness. Tall, well-toned and athletic yet absolutely feminine, via fitness along with her natural born assets, she managed to acquire outstanding muscle toning augmented by an hourglass figure. She has all the makings of an international-standard beauty queen.

Incidentally, Carey has been a passionate believer of fitness all along and is steadfastly disciplined with it. This is an admirable quality she acquired while she trained fulltime in ballet and rhythmic gymnastics. Her mantra about fitness is inspiring and realistic too when she cites: “I believe in dedicating time to your body, it deserves love and respect!” The life of an international beauty queen is expectedly hectic. Prior to winning the pageant, she was working out daily and abided by a strict diet program.


Post-pageant however, Carey has neither allowed herself to miss up on fitness. She works out to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to keep toned. In her own words, “confidence and health are the best results gained from fitness”. Her personal trainer, by the way, is Kimbeley Yap - a two-time SEA Games gold medal triathlete. During her travels, she still allocated time towards simple bodyweight training and swims or runs whenever and wherever feasible.

To add to this, diet nevertheless plays a pivotal role in fitness too. You can’t be feasting as you desire and expect only workouts to balance things up. She shuns overindulgence and is of the awareness that one does not need to eat as much as one usually does. There are so many dieting methods and advice but adding greens and fruits are typical. Likewise water is such an essential element so drinking adequate amounts of water and staying hydrated is also part of a healthy diet. 

Carey applies flexibility to her workouts and does yoga or dance as well. Preferably, she would seek out workout buddies to “spice things up”. Moreover, she is all for the outdoors and likes hiking and running. What might come as surprising is that she used to do kickboxing and rock climbing too. To those who had yet to get into fitness as well as those already having made fitness a part of their lives, Carey has this to say: “Well, I think the fitness lifestyle is more than sweat and sore muscles!” “It helps bring out a glow in you and a new found confidence!” “And that's the true foundation of beauty!” “Never give up on fitness; it's like giving up loving your body.” 

In our words, we brought Carey’s story to you as an inspiration and a reacquaint - in that fitness enhances your physical beauty; and that amid your busy schedule, you can and ought to dedicate some time to fitness. Though you may not have access to the luxuriant outdoors, you certainly have access to home exercise equipment. The sequence of transformation is obvious. When you work out you will become fit, healthy and add refreshing glow to your looks and charms.