We are at the eleventh hour to the implementation of GST nationwide. Timing is most opportune for those who have been considering or procrastinating investing in their health. There could be no easy way to saying it except to buy now. Save 6%. But what’s most opportune is the 1 Malaysia GP Sales is running. There are promotions and discounts galore. So you would actually be getting a double-whammy!

This is your best opportunity to pick up on equipment and accessories that you need and would love to have. Your saving would be significant. Moreover, you have the power of leverage as well since easy-payment schemes are available.




Enjoy watching TV during workouts. Convenient and easy to use, bikes are excellent cardio fitness equipment. Burn fat and calories with exercise bikes which are a great way to shed some kilos. Wonderful for lower body workouts, they ideally appeal to people who may not be fond of tough workouts. Bikes are perhaps the most popular and common exercise equipment in gyms and homes. Bring one home today.





Treadmills are among the easiest way to burn calories and staying toned. They produce the same effects as running or walking outside and have a direct effect on stamina building. Ideal for weight control and developing lean muscles via fat reduction treadmills also improve cardio health and help build and maintain healthy bones, muscles and joints. According for consistent workouts in all weather, they are designed with good cushioning on the belt to help support each foot-stride. So popular, there’s even one in the Space Station.




Crosstrainers allow you to exercise through low impact oval-patterned movements. They simulate actual walking, jogging and running movements. With crosstrainers, you get a double- workout by merging upper and lower body exercises into a full body workout. Besides being great for cardio exercise, they provide commendable calorie burning and muscle toning. Motion is smooth and continuous; and excellent for increasing your bone density and metabolism rate.