It is year end and we would be greeting Christmas, New Year and soon enough, Chinese New Year too! It’s a season to be giving while many options would seem to be ideal gifts for Mum and Dad. It’s therefore during such a time that we would shop around diligently for fitting gifts that could benefit them immensely.

Consider the wanton sacrifices they have made over the years. To parents, their kids always come first even before themselves. Starting from the dedication and love they shower us during our infancy up to getting the best education to set us off nicely in life. In reality, it has “cost” them a great deal in all sense of the word.

After all the years of caring, they then look forward to the day when we get married and start our own families; praying all the time that they would still be around to play with and enjoy their grandchildren. Seems simple enough but actually, it’s a lifelong vocation filled with seemingly unending sacrifices. Many of us would reward them by at least trying to make their advance years more comfortable and enjoyable and most of us would go a long way into ensuring that.

Often and among other things, we would book holidays and excursions for them to exotic countries since touring is enjoyable and recreational. These days, typical destinations may be to China, Japan, Korea and Australia while the list does go on and on. Yet most importantly, they need to be acceptably fit, healthy and mobile to enjoy such niceties; so these become uncompromisingly important. Being in the fitness industry, our recommendations for gifts would understandably be appropriate fitness equipment.

Hence, this brings to mind fitness equipment such as, among others, the recumbent bike. Recumbent bikes are excellent fitness equipment highly-suitable for seniors. And why is that so? Admittedly, this advantageous equipment is often overlooked but when we take a closer look, it’s in fact marvellous equipment that complements their timely needs.

Let’s consider the senior-friendly features of the recumbent bike. Recumbent bikes present as superb cardio equipment while at the same time, provide calorie burning characteristics as well. The most welcoming feature or aspect of recumbent bikes is the ease of mounting and dismounting or simply, getting on and off. This of course would be an invaluable feature in fitness equipment for seniors.

Recumbent bikes offer superb balance too since you get additional side handles to grip on. These add confidence for seniors who more often than not have problems with their balance. In addition, you get a pair of handles at the front while lower centre of gravity also means greater stability. Recumbent bikes are particularly great for working the lower body and legs. There’s also less stress to the wrists, arms, buttocks and back thus making working out decisively more comfortable. Moreover, the high-back saddle offers a physiologically-superior sitting position.

The saddle is almost aligned to the paddle which translates to an effectual sitting position. This is most appropriate for those with lower back and neck issues. There’s no need to bend your head and back unlike working out on conventional exercise bikes. Stride is adjustable while simple adjustments also make it remarkably user-friendly. Absence of induced shocks is also kind to the joints. Recumbent bikes such as the Kettler Giro come with state-of-the-art features including electromagnetic resistance system and training computers with a multiplicity of programmes complete with pulse sensors to monitor hear rate.

So go on. Take a closer look at recumbent bikes when you are considering getting a fitting gift for Mum and Dad this season. It may well provide them with a media to complement their most vital needs and that’s good health – something which they need most to enjoy their senior years in comfort and confidence.

It’s now our turn to say “nothing is too good for Mum and Dad”!