Power Exercising Units



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Although providing a price-conscious introduction to strength training, the power centre can stand up to the best that our competitors have. The compact power station for working out all your muscle groups has a Lattisimus pulldown station, a butterfly exercise station, bench presses and two-arm rowing. A tricep rope pulley provides more training variants for the arm stretchers and ensures intensive workout of those stomach muscles. The height-adjustable seat with 3-section back cushioning sees to optimum adjustment to your body and workout. With the weight block split up into sixteen 5kg levels, a maximum 80kg weight is attainable. Experience as well the "benefits" of the new KETTLER Advantage Line!


Stations :

  • Butterfly
  • Bench press
  • Crunches
  • Latissimus-rope frame
  • Lower pulley
  • Rowing
  • Leg stretch
  • Leg bends


Technical Features :

  • Butterfly, cammed 
  • Padded seat, adjustable in height
  • Weight blocks : 5-80kg (16 x 5kg)
  • Maximum weight : 150kg
  • Size when set up (L / W / H in cm) : 181 / 109 / 200
  • Colour : light grey / black


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