About FitnessEquipment.Com.My

The Company

Fitness is our business.  Trend Masters Sdn. Bhd. (incorporated in Malaysia 1993) is an importer, distributor and retailer of top brands of fitness equipment and accessories. We avail for the best selections to our customers exemplified by exclusive representations of the world’s leading names in fitness. The brands we carry are KETTLER,  TUNTURI, JKEXER, VITO, HORIZON, TEMPO and LP SUPPORT.  


Mission & Vision

A healthy life is accessible to almost everybody and fitness is the key. Our business philosophy is to establish a quid-pro-quo or win-win modus with the public and serve as a conduit to healthy living. Our mission is to complement and answer to your needs via impeccable quality equipment, gear and accessories; and to promote fitness as a way of life. Quality and customer satisfaction are our top priority while our motivation and goal is in knowing we can contribute positively and draw more people into the realm of fitness and ultimately, good health.


Retail Outlets

Our retail outlets can be found in our Store Locations page. These include main dealers. Our stores are decorated and presented as KETTLER and VITO while our products are available throughout the country. Besides our retail outlets, we also maintain a distribution network and our products can also be purchased from numerous dealers and pro sports stores nationwide. We carry a comprehensive range and provide you the best alternatives.